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Pyle® Pro PMP40 Professional Megaphone/Bullhorn with Siren and Handheld Microphone, 40 W
Item #211328
Model #PYLPMP40
  • Output po Wer: 40 W
  • Tough housing
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Amplivox Mity-Meg Plus 25 W Amplifier Megaphone
Item #1544111
Model #APVS602MR
  • Size: 15"L x 9"(Dia.)
  • Material: ABS plastic
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Pyle PYRPMP39VC 30-Watt Megaphone Bullhorn with Siren & Voice Changer Modes
Item #24327875
  • 800-yard range
  • Compact portable design
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PylePro PPHP837UB Bluetooth Portable Speaker System, BlackPylePro PPHP837UB Bluetooth Portable Speaker System, Black
Item #IM1TW7058
Model #PPHP837UB
  • Loudspeaker PA System with rugged, durable, and reliable sound
  • Bluetooth Wireless Streaming Ability
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AmpliVox Sound Systems® S601R Mity-Meg Rechargeable Megaphone, 15 W
Item #1592215
Model #APVS601R
  • Length: 12", Bell diameter: 8"
  • Effective up to 900 yards
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Pyle® PMP58U Professional Piezo Dynamic Megaphone, 50 W
Item #IM1GB1150
Model #PMP58U
  • Powerful piezo driver and large bell diameter for projection range up to one mile
  • 2 modes talk and siren
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Pyle PWMA1090UI Speaker System 400W Wireless BlackPyle PWMA1090UI Speaker System 400W Wireless Black
Item #IM1KV9615
Model #PWMA1090UI
  • Wireless and portable PA speaker system kit with built-in rechargeable battery
  • Power output: 800W Max, 400W RMS
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AmpliVox Sound Systems® S602R Mity-Meg Rechargeable Megaphone, 25 W
Item #1592214
Model #APVS602R
  • Mini-meg 25 W megaphone for announcements in small gatherings
  • Length: 15", Bell diameter: 9"
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SW725 - Rechargeable Wireless Portable PA System
Item #APLSW725
Model #SW725
  • •36 watt amplifier
  • •Audiences up to 500 people & rooms to 2,500 sq. ft.
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Amplivox® Titan Wireless Portable PA SystemAmplivox® Titan Wireless Portable PA System
Item #915815
Model #SW800
  • Ideal for communicating with large audiences
  • Built-in wireless receiver
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PA systems amplify sound in a room to ensure clear audibility. They increase comfort and clarity for the audience regardless of where they sit in a room. This makes communication easy and accessible to everyone. Depending on the position of a PA system, the audience knows where to focus its attention. The systems have a mobile microphone, which passes on through different people as they address the audience. Browse Staples for a variety of PA systems under the lecterns and PA systems category.

Components of a PA system
Like any other system, the PA system comes with independent components such as speakers, mixers, and microphones. Others are monitors, sound effects, and cables. Speakers are the main source of sound and project that sound to the audience. They can be portable, allowing their movement around the room, or fixed. Mixers are the meeting points of the entire PA system. They connect the speaker and microphone while at the same time regulating the sound output. It's here that an operator chooses the level of sound and the key churning out of the speaker.

Microphones capture the voice of a presenter and ensure the message passes over to the audience through a mixer. Microphones are different shapes and types depending on personal preference. Monitors are ideal for individuals performing so that they can hear themselves while speaking. Placing them near the performer is best, especially in a crowded place, to help the audience hear the speaker better. Sound effects help to make the sound better and also maintain a balance while communicating. Cables connect all the components.

Considerations when purchasing a PA system
It's always important to consider the number of people to be reached before buying a PA system. A small crowd in a room might not need the same sound and amplifiers as a large crowd in a park. The intended use of a PA system is also crucial in aiding the choice of an appropriate system. Some systems are for passing simple messages, such as in a conference room.

More complex systems are available for use in theaters, parks, and concerts. The sound should be loud and clear to reach the masses. The positioning of the PA system helps in getting an audience's attention as well as clear interaction with the sound.

Where does one position a PA system speaker?
It's best to place the speakers in the center of the space to capture the attention of the entire audience. However, if the crowd is large or outdoors, several speakers can be placed at different locations to ensure that even those on the periphery can hear.

Can you use a speaker without a mixer?
Yes, it's possible to use a speaker without a mixer. Sound needs amplification when addressing a crowd, and speakers are essential. But this is different for mixers. Mixers are only essential in controlling the quality of sound in and out through the other components.

What determines the right power for a PA system?
This is dependent on the intended use of a PA system. If it's for music purposes, the minimum power would be around 60 watts. The larger the crowd, the more power needed.

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