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With privacy screens, your patients feel comfortable, knowing that they cannot be seen by other patients, staff members, or hospital visitors. Adjustable screens let you create exactly the level of privacy you need. Separate sections of a room, or cordon off a specific area with a moveable screen.

Adjustable Angles
Multi-panel privacy screens let you expand or contract your screen to create however much coverage you need. Foldable screens can be compacted down for easy storage, making it convenient to keep one in a closet or storeroom between uses, and the hygienic vinyl surfaces easily wipe clean before you move the screen into storage.

Convenient Casters
Convenient rolling casters make it simple to move a privacy screen from one patient's room to another or across a large room to cordon off a specific area. Lightweight privacy screens let a single staff member lift or roll it, and even weaker patients can shift the screens around in their rooms if necessary. Wheels also make it easy to move screens between two sets of beds and mattresses to turn a single room into a double room.

Reliable Privacy
Large panels help ensure privacy when a patient is undressing or undergoing a potentially embarrassing test or procedure, and sturdy metal frames keep the screen securely upright without any external support. Use screens in a non-clinical environment when you need to create a private consultation area for you and your patients, or use them in a formal health-care setting to break larger rooms into smaller, more private units. Privacy screens also help block out distractions so the doctor and patient can both concentrate on the medical issue at hand.

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