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RAID Controllers

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Use RAID controllers to ensure a secure and reliable server connection. They also help make your computer network run faster and more efficiently. Choose both controllers and accessories from a wide variety of top brands, such as Adaptec, LSI Logic, and Intel.

Fast Network Speeds
RAID controllers and networking cards can transfer up to 6 GB of data per second, so your staff can effectively perform their jobs continuously without experiencing extreme system lags that can hinder performance. Improve your network's response time even more with SAS interface connectors and cables. These networking devices have copper conductors that ensure ultra-fast data delivery to all connected drives, allowing you and your staff to transmit, upload, or download data without delays.

Ensure Data Security
Keep all of the desktop computers and laptops in your network secure by using RAID controllers with self-encrypting capabilities. These drives house and encrypt data, blocking access to anyone who is not authorized to view your company's financial records, customer information, or any other sensitive data that is at risk of being lost or stolen.

Drive and Port Expansions
Use RAID cards and controllers with multiple ports to increase the amount of storage on your network. These data expansion devices provide additional ports that you can use to configure the hard drive in a way that's best suited for your business. Use these devices to increase your network's memory or to add additional storage systems to your network. Some RAID adapters allow connection of more than one dozen hard drives to one network, providing a wide variety of RAID setup options for your business.