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Properly disposing of lab equipment is important for safety. Broken glass is not only dangerous, but chemicals inside the glass could leak. Properly dispose of broken glass in a glass disposal box and keep glass items safe in containers specifically designed to prevent accidents. There are different options to choose from based on the glass products being stored, such as test tubes or the entire test tubes racks. Staples® has plenty of lab supplies and other related products that keep employees and workers safe when working with glass.

Disposal Boxes for Accident Clean-Ups
This type of disposal box looks like a regular cardboard box, but inside, it has a wealth of features that help to keep employees safe. The fiberboard construction repels water so liquid won't leak out. The boxes also have thick polyethylene liners that won't rip or tear from glass shards. The lining can also withstand harsh chemicals without melting. Users can simply toss the boxes away when chemicals are involved. The tight enclosure prevents airborne particles from escaping. Many models can hold up to 40 pounds of waste.

Prevent the Need of These Disposal Boxes With Laboratory Storage Racks and Boxes
Safely storing glass items, such as test tubes and vials, often prevents the need to use disposal boxes. While it's good to have one in case of accidents, it's even better to prevent the incident in the first place. Test tube holders and racks keep glass tubes standing up straight in individual holes. This keeps them from falling into each other and stops liquid from spilling out. They come in strong plastics or coated metal wire that users can heat up or cool down without destroying the rack. A cryobox holds vials in individual sections and can withstand ulta-low temperatures without shattering.

How Do You Properly Dispose of a Glass Disposal Box?
The proper way to remove this type of container from a lab depends on the waste inside. People can toss broken glass with no chemicals or hazardous waste in the box and then throw it into the regular garbage. Make sure to tightly tape the lid closed so custodial service workers don't get cut. Hazardous materials still found in broken test tube racks can go into the box, but you must treat the box like chemical waste. Label it as such and place the entire box in a hazardous waste container.

Should You Place Broken Plastic in a Glass Disposal Box?
Plastic vials and test tubes and even plastic test tube racks can break and leave sharp edges. It's a good idea to discard them in this type of disposal box for safety.

Do the Laws to Discard Glass Disposal Boxes Vary by State?
The EPA has laws and steps required when it comes to discarding hazardous waste, including what may be in sealed off glass disposal boxes. Most states follow these laws, but there are also state-specific rules. Check local programs, such as health or environmental departments, for the laws in your area.

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