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Create the safest and most stable passageway over thresholds or when moving objects from or to other raised surfaces employing your choice of ramps. Some ramps work best for scooters and wheelchairs, and others offer added support for dollies and carts loaded with heavy objects.

Enhance Safety
Remain confident of the safe passage of your patients, family members, or workers past thresholds or raised surfaces no matter what the situation. Although most of these ramps are lightweight for portability, they are made of materials such as welded aluminum or recycled tire rubber for exceptional strength. Ramps that offer extension capabilities allow you to perfectly match the length and angle of the ramp to the height of the raised surface for ample safety. The nonskid surfaces on ramps offer an added measure of security when going up or down.

Provide Convenience
Select the ideal ramp solution for your specific needs from the extensive options available. For clearing access over a threshold, solid rubber ramps, often made of fully recycled material, with nonskid surfaces come in a variety of heights and widths, and the beveled edges assure that these ramps stay solidly in place when used to ensure safety. Roll-up ramps are portable and come either in one wide track or two narrower twin tracks. Use them to get wheelchairs or other mobility aids in and out of vehicles or to make raised entryways in homes accessible. Suitcase ramps can be folded up and easily transported to your destination.

Meet Guidelines
Make sure you quickly meet federal and state regulations in your office or work area by providing equal access to those with disabilities. These ramps are easy to install and a quick solution to meeting various regulations. Ramps also provide quicker access to raised surfaces for deliveries or when moving heavy pieces or equipment.

DMI® 5' Telescoping Adjustable Wheelchair Ramps
Item #387727
Model #517-4094-0000
  • 3 section design contracts for storage in a nylon carrying bag, which hangs over wheelchair handles
  • Ramps easily extend for use with steps, curbs or vehicles
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Maxsa Innovations 20031 Curb Ramp
Out of Stock
Item #2669810
Model #MXI20031
  • Portable ramp allows access over curbs & steps up to 5.5" high
  • Holds up to 10,000lbs