Patient Lift & Transfer

Simplify mobility in your medical facility with patient lift and transfer devices. Reduce the risk of staff injuries when moving patients from gurneys to beds or from room to room with these devices. Help patients regain mobility when they leave your facility with walkers and wheelchairs.

Walking Aids
Make it simple for patients to regain mobility once they leave your medical facility with patient lift and transfer devices such as walkers. Choose simple options that give patients a stable place to prop while in motion, or select more advanced wheeled walkers that facilitate smooth motion. Some models even have baskets for extra convenience and seats where patients can rest while out and about for an extra level of comfort. For simple injuries, easy-to-use crutches provide patients with a portable solution to their mobility needs.

Use patient lift and transfer aids such as wheelchairs for patients who need to stay off their feet. Manual and electric options give patients a wide range of choices once they're released from your facility, and keep a fleet on hand for transfers around your medical office or clinic. Comfortable seat and back cushions help ease the stress from sitting long periods, and handy ramps that accommodate wheelchairs allow movement in and around your facility for the disabled and those undergoing treatment.

Lifts and Transfer Aids
Reduce the risk of injury for staff who are moving patients with convenient lifts that help shoulder the weight. When bedside care requires movement to an exam room, easily move patients to a wheelchair using transfer equipment such as benches, poles, and boards. Choose options with open seats to reduce the need to help patients to the restroom, and select lift assists for those who have trouble getting up off of chairs and other furniture.