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Whether it's around the office or at home, paper towels are an essential on every shopping list. Environmentally conscientious shoppers can choose from a variety of recycled paper towels at Staples.

Different Types of Recycled Paper Towels
Many paper towel products use between 10 and 90 percent recycled fibers. Buyers who purchase products made with post-consumer content help reduce paper waste. Most paper products contain at least 10 percent recycled paper. To further reduce waste, buyers can find a broad range of paper towels that are made from 50, 60 and 90 percent recycled fiber. Buyers can also purchase paper towels made out of a 100 percent post-consumer materials.

Find the Right Fit and Quantity for Every Job
Recycled paper towels can be dispensed by hand or by a machine in single sheets, in multifold sheets or on rolls. The product's dimensions must fit in the manual or automatic towel dispensers you use in your home or office. Several types of towel dispensers use multifold sheets. Multifold sheets fold into three sections and are convenient for anyone who needs a single-ply paper towel quickly. Both hand and automatic dispensers can accommodate rolls. Paper towel rolls let you take a large amount at once for big cleanups.

The standard size for paper towel rolls is 9 x 11 inches. For compact paper towel holders, smaller paper towels are available. Several brands offer a size-your-own type of towel that divides a regular size sheet into three sizes. With this option, the buyer chooses the size needed for the cleanup and avoids wasting excess paper.

Hand dispensers often use single sheets of trifold paper towels that are smaller than standard paper towel rolls. To fit specific hand dispensers, these products range in size between 9.25 and 10.25 in length and width.

Buyers can purchase bulk quantities of single or trifold paper towels that are available in packages of 500 or more. Rolls are available in individually wrapped singles or packages. For use in homes or small offices, packs of six or eight rolls are sufficient. If you're shopping for a large office, opt for a pack of at least 24 rolls.

Selecting for Durability and Absorbency
Buyers can choose multi- or single-ply paper. Thicker paper towels are often more durable and have a higher absorbency rate than thinner varieties. It's important to know what thickness you need. Employees using towels to dry their hands after washing don't need thick paper towels, but cleaning up paint messes, spilled drinks and other accidents requires relatively absorbent paper products.

Opting for the right durability and absorbency is another way to reduce paper waste. Just like thicker products are more absorbent than thinner ones, they are also more durable. Thicker sheets are less likely to tear during big clean tasks.

Shop for Hypoallergenic Recycled Paper Towel Products
Some brands use dyes, bleach or fragrances to change the color and scent of the paper towels. Staples carries several quality types of recycled paper towels that are whitened naturally and are fragrance-free.
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