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Launched in the 1980s, Red Bull introduced a new type of drink to the market, one that provides energy and focus in a single can. Using high-quality ingredients, the company created the original formula and then followed it up with sugar-free options for those with sensitivities, and various flavors to expand the market. Shoppers can find energy drinks in varying package sizes for home, office or retail settings.

High-Quality Ingredients Propel Taste
The number one ingredient in all Red Bull beverages is Alpine spring water. The company sources the water from production sites in the Alps, near its headquarters in Austria. Red Bull only produces their drinks in the area to maintain stringent control over its production process. Each 8.4-ounce can contains 80mg of caffeine, to create the energy buzz that comes from stimulating the central nervous system. The original formula uses real sugar, and it comes from sugar beets that contain sucrose and glucose. Taurine is an amino acid that helps to regulate minerals in the body, and it's naturally occurring in all animal tissue. Vitamin B helps to regulate energy metabolism, but it also supports psychological and neurological functions, making it a key component.

Unlike coffee and K-cups, the sugar-free Red Bull energy drink uses supplements Acesulfame K and Aspartame in place of natural sugar. Acesulfame K contains 0 calories, while Aspartame comes with a low-calorie profile. The total caloric content of the sugar-free beverage is 5 calories per can. The TotalZero beverage also incorporates Sucralose, a sweetener that carries 0 calories and is widely used in the baking and canning industry.

Edition Varieties Enhance Flavors
In addition to its original, sugar-free and TotalZero beverages, the company also makes an Edition series, using a combination of fruits to create flavor profiles. They contain artificial flavors and include Summer, Yellow, Blue, Red and Orange varieties. The Summer edition uses Kiwi, while the others use tropical fruits, blueberry, cranberry and tangerine, respectively. They offer the same ingredients as the original formula and provide a much-needed energy burst with an added taste element.

Package Sizes Increase Versatility
Red Bull comes in several package sizes, with the most popular being a 4-can package. Those who are looking to buy in bulk should consider the 24-can package, which benefits those who are traveling, or those who stock a vending machine in the workplace. The can's slim profile makes it easy to fit in the refrigerator, whether in the door, in a can dispenser or on a shelf, and Red Bull has a specialty cooler available to store them in as well.

Eco-Conscious Features Increase Sustainability
The can is 100 percent recyclable, with an aluminum construction, to eliminate the amount of waste that ends up in the landfills each year. The design is such that the material can be used repeatedly without sacrificing the quality of the aluminum. To further reduce its carbon footprint, Red Bull produces and fills each can in the same facility, cutting down on travel and transportation waste. Products are then shipped mainly using ships and trains to get to their destination. The production facilities gain 80 percent of their energy used from renewable sources, promoting an eco-friendly option that starts from the moment production begins. Staples also carries other brands of energy drinks including 5 Hour Energy Drinks.