Robox® SmartReel ABS Filament, Highway Orange

Item #: 1590423 | Model #: RBX-ABS-OR023

About this product

Robox® SmartReel Highway orange ABS filament utilizes innovative printing technology to deliver a solid 3D object. Compatible with printers that accept 1.75 mm filament.

Robox® SmartReel 240 m 3D Printer filament in highway orange color is made of ABS material to produce a rigid 3D model. EEPROM on the filament stores data about temperature settings, print speed, diameter, amount of filament and other printing parameter for instant machine set up. Filament comes in moisture resistant reusable zip lock bag and includes a sachet of silica gel. Silica gel prevents the filament from absorbing moisture that may affect printing process and quality of 3D model. The 1.75 mm f ilament fits in to Robox 3D printer's digitally controlled head where it melts down to create a sturdy 3D model. Filament is easily customizable by using AutoMaker software.

  • Suitable to use with Robox 3D printer
  • Comes in refined highway orange color
  • Made of durable ABS for producing precision printing
  • Diameter of 1.75 mm fits comfortably with Robox 3D printer head
  • Length of 240 m to ensure maximum productivity
  • Allows for automatic material recognition and is shock-resistant to offer reliable performance
  • Each reel comes in a reusable zip lock bag along with a sachet of silica gel that enables moisture control
  • Eprom on the reel enables Robox printing device to read the printing parameters
  • Weighs 1.32 lbs