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Royal 6-Sheet Crosscut Shredder (29183g-bk Cx6)
Item #1105282
Model #ROY29183GBK
  • 6-sheet Crosscut Shredder
  • Lift-off Wastebasket
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Royal 6-Sheet Shredder with Basket (16999u Js55)Royal 6-Sheet Shredder with Basket (16999u Js55)
Item #208176
Model #ROY16999U
  • Shreds Up To 6 Sheets Per Pass
  • .25" Strip-cut Pieces Provide Security For Most Applications
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Royal 12-Sheet Crosscut Shredder (29186x 112mx)Royal 12-Sheet Crosscut Shredder (29186x 112mx)
Item #210813
Model #ROY29186X
  • Shreds Up To 12 Sheets Per Pass
  • Crosscut
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Royal 10-Sheet Crosscut Shredder (29171y 100x)
Item #210864
Model #ROY29171Y
  • Shreds Up To 10 Sheets Per Pass
  • Crosscut
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Royal MC8 8-Sheet Micro-Cut Shredder (29349c)
Item #24418540
Model #ROY29350V
  • Shreds Up To 8 Sheets Of Paper In 1 Pass
  • Start/stop & Auto-reverse
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Royal 14-Sheet Crosscut Shredder (89134b Hd1400mx)
Item #210711
Model #ROY89134B
  • Shreds Up To 14 Sheets Per Pass
  • Crosscut
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Royal ST-80X 8-Sheet Crosscut Shredder (89177V)
Item #2109845
Model #ROY89177V
  • Crosscut Shredder
  • Handles Up To 8 Sheets At Once As Well As Staples & Credit Cards
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Royal 12-Sheet Crosscut Shredder (29127h Px1201)Royal 12-Sheet Crosscut Shredder (29127h Px1201)
Out of Stock
Item #231484
Model #ROY29127H
  • Shreds up to 12 sheets In a single pass
  • Locking Casters
Royal 18-Sheet Crosscut Shredder (89121r 1840mx)Royal 18-Sheet Crosscut Shredder (89121r 1840mx)
Item #24329721
Model #ROY89121R
  • Shreds Up To 18 Sheets In A Single Pass
  • Shreds CDs & Credit Cards
Royal 14-Sheet Micro-cut Shredder (29351x Mc14mx)Royal 14-Sheet Micro-cut Shredder (29351x Mc14mx)
Item #210710
Model #ROY29351X
  • Shreds Up To 14 Sheets
  • Micro Cut For High Security
Many organizations, including law firms, medical facilities and general businesses, rely on Royal shredders to protect the safety of private financial and businesses documents. Individuals are also at risk of having personal information stolen and should protect themselves from identity theft by shredding credit card statements, bills and tax documents. Some shredders can even destroy media such as DVDs and CDs. Be sure to select a shredder with the capacity, shred type and additional features to accommodate your business supplies needs.

Choose Among Three Shred Types Available With Royal Shredders
There are three main types of shredding mechanisms available among these shredders. A cross-cut shredder cuts paper into hundreds of rectangles measuring 0.13 inches x 1.50 inches. These pieces are small enough to hide most print and numbers, unless the print is particularly small. Doctors, lawyers and other professionals who are highly concerned with protecting sensitive information may prefer a micro-cut shredder, which cuts each document into thousands of pieces, making it virtually impossible for any information to be gleaned. The most simple type is a strip cut shredder, which cuts the paper into long ribbons. If you are concerned with identity theft or compromising important data, a strip cut shredder may not be the most fitting choice, but for simple shredding projects it is often appropriate.

Which Capacity Do You Need?
Shredders from Royal range from small, personal machines that can handle five sheets at once, to heavy-duty machines that can shred 20 sheets at a time. A high-capacity Royal paper shredder can speed up the task of shredding large piles of financial or other protected information, which can be invaluable for financial departments and large businesses. Shredded waste automatically drops into pull-out waste bins that usually range from 4 to 9 gallons, making cleanup easy. For large jobs, it's crucial to have a shredder that can run for long periods. Some models run for about two minutes, while high-capacity models can operate for as long as 60 minutes so you can complete extensive jobs more quickly.

Royal Shredders Offer A Variety of Convenient Features
Royal shredders incorporate auto stop-start so the machine begins working when the paper is detected. For a reliable defense against paper jams, choose a model that automatically stops when a jam occurs, and that incorporates a reverse function to easily clear the jam. Some models have a photo sensor that will stop shredding if a photo is identified, saving you from inadvertent loss.

Royal Shredders Allow You To Destroy Other Types of Media
Paper documents aren't the only source of sensitive information. DVDs, CDs and credit cards are susceptible to information theft and are especially difficult to destroy. Choose a Royal shredder with a separate slot for shredding these types of items. Additionally, keep in mind that not all shredders can handle documents with staples still attached, so be sure to choose a model that specifies this.

Shredders help to keep offices organized because unwanted documents are removed as soon as possible, and shredded paper takes up minimal space and is easy to toss into recycling bins. Browse Staples for other great office supplies.