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Safety Pins, Assorted Sizes, Nickel Plated, 50 Ea/Pk
Item #LEO83450
Model #83450
  • Nickel plated steel safety pins feature rust resistant finish
  • Assorted sizes
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Add safety pins to your first-aid kit or nursing supplies cabinet so that you can quickly and temporarily pin together a variety of items. Sharp points and classic designs make pins easy to use. Buy in bulk and keep multiple sizes on hand in your medical office or clinic.

Easy to Use
The classic spring-and-clasp mechanism of a safety pin is easy for even arthritic patients to operate, and it's also convenient for single-handed operation. Whether you're creating an improvised sling in the field or pinning your jewelry to the inside of your nursing uniform to prevent loss during a busy shift, safety pins in various sizes come in handy. Pinning a few to your shirt or apron makes it easy to carry safety pins with you during your shift even when you don't have a pocket.

Conveniently Temporary
Because safety pins are intended for temporary use, they work great for situations that involve every-changing conditions. Help a new mother in your maternity ward keep track of breastfeeding sessions using a safety pin she can swap to the other bra strap each time her newborn nurses, or pin down linens and pillows to keep them in place while you handle a dressing change or catheter insertion.

Sharp and Safe
The sharp point of a safety pin is useful for scraping-out splinters or poking through tough fabric, but once the pin is closed, the point stays safely tucked away to prevent accidental scratches or punctures. Rust-resistant pins can be used in places where splashes and spills are a possibility, while sturdy points retain their sharp edge through repeated uses.