Nursing Supplies

Make routine procedures more efficient with nursing supplies that put the patient at ease and simplify suturing, blood work, and specimen collection. Choose from sterile swabs, collection containers, telemetry pouches, IV sets, enemas, cotton balls, specialty prep pads, and hazard protection kits.

Simplified IV Set Up and Maintenance
Make IV set up simple with IV start kits that may include a gauze pad, tape, tourniquet, tubing securement device, and skin wipe that are assembled and sterilized for a smoother procedure with minimal cross-contamination. IV maintenance can be performed with a series of IV poles and sets that allow you to interchange line sizes and diameters. IV poles give patients the freedom to walk around the room and use the restroom without a nurse's assistance.

Essential Supplies
Keep the supply drawers stocked with safety pins, swabs, rectal tubes, ear ulcer syringes, cotton balls, and injection site adapters to reduce the time needed to retrieve supplies to complete routine procedures.

Ultimate Cross-Contamination
Safety Nurses can feel safer using protective kits that help to eliminate cross-contamination or infections from bodily fluids. Enclosed protection kits include exam gloves, vent goggles, a closed back gown with elastic cuffs, a head cap, an infectious red waste liner, non-skid shoe covers, and a fluid-resistant face mask to perform hazardous procedures in an operating room or clinic setting. The kit can be disposed of after the procedure to help eliminate the spreading of infectious diseases.

Procedures Made Easy
Sutures and minor procedures can be simplified and attuned to your office budget with kits made from sterile plastic, wire, or stainless steel. Suture kits come with the essential tools to complete routine suture and staple removal while eliminating cross-contamination; you can discard the tools upon completion.