Salon & Spa Apparel

Salon and spa apparel combines form and function to ensure your team looks great and your guests enjoy their stays. Robes and wraps help keep guests warm and feeling secure during beauty treatments. Jackets, aprons, or uniforms help your employees present a professional front during business hours.

Keep Guests Comfortable
Salon and spa apparel designed for guest use is exceptionally soft and warm. Guests coming to spas love to feel pampered, and plush robes and wraps for their bodies help deliver this feel. Keep guests comfortable with apparel that features high-quality materials and elegant designs.

Enhance Amenities
Salon and spa apparel provided to guests at your facility make it even easier for them to partake of your offerings, whether that includes wraps for massages and use in hot tub areas or a variety of different robe styles for lounging, bathing, or visiting shared spaces. Keep up the high quality of service with top of the line bath mats and towels.

Create a Stylish Look
Salon and spa apparel comes in a wide variety of sizes and styles, allowing you to customize the look to match the needs of your workers or clientele. Mix and match styles to create a cohesive look that showcases your brand.

Versatile Designs
Many salon and spa apparel choices are designed for barbers and estheticians. Uniforms and aprons deliver the same sense of style that your customers expect from their spa apparel. These versatile outfits for your staff members allow them to do their jobs more easily, with pockets for holding important tools and kits.