Sauder Bookcases & Bookshelves

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Brighten your living room or office by organizing your books with a Sauder® bookcase. Bookshelves are not just functional furniture for displaying books, ornaments, and similar items. They can also improve the aesthetics of a room. These decorative furniture pieces come in different sizes and finishes. You can find a wide selection of bookcases and bookshelves from popular brands at Staples®.

Choose From Different Styles of Sauder Bookcases
Before ordering your bookcase, you should note your room's decor and find a unit that complements it. The most common bookcase design is the freestanding unit. This has multiple shelves and some have integrated drawers and cabinets. Freestanding Sauder shelves can be single or double-faced units. A single-face bookcase has a back panel and the ideal location for it is against a wall. A double-faced model has a panel dividing it into two. This space-saving design separates the shelving furniture into two. Such units are common in libraries. You can also use them as room dividers by placing them in middle of a large space.

If you are looking for a bookcase with a standout design, choose an etagere. This is a decorative piece with open shelves and an eye-catching look. Other unique bookcase designs include tower, ladder, and corner units. A tower shelf is slender and tall while a ladder unit leans against a wall. Corner bookcases make good use of room corners with their interconnected perpendicular shelves.

Pick the Right Size Sauder Bookcase for Your Home or Office
When shopping for a bookshelf, first consider the available space for the furniture. You may need to take some measurements to find the right fit for your installation. Sauder makes bookcases that are as short as 20 inches and tall ones that reach as high as 75 inches. Get a short unit if you want a Sauder bookshelf for your kids' room. Short cases also have usable tops that can serve as worktops or to display items like picture frames and potted plants.

The width of a shelving unit must be proportional to its height. To look good, a tall shelf should be narrow and short ones should be wide. Depth is another important factor to consider especially if you are placing the furniture close to a door. Most bookcases have shelves that are least 12 inches deep. You may need deeper compartments to fit oversized tomes.

Are All Sauder Bookcases Made of Wood?
No. Although most of the brand's bookshelves are made of wood, wood laminates, and MDF, some are metal units and others combine both materials. Metal bookcases are lighter than wooden ones and just as sturdy. They also complement modern and contemporary decors better. Wooden units have classic looks and Sauder offers them in a wide selection of finishes.

Should You Get a Sauder Bookcase With Adjustable Shelves?
Yes. Adjustable-height shelves make it possible to rearrange the positions and sizes of the shelving units in a bookcase. You can repartition your bookshelf to better accommodate the types of books you collect. You can also remove some shelves to make room for large items like electronic gadgets.

Do You Need a Sauder Bookcase With ID Label Tags?
A bookcase with label tags for its cubbyholes makes it easy to organize your books and other collectibles you put on display. Choose one of such bookshelves if you have a lot of binders and books on different subjects.