Scott Paper Towels

Paper towels are an essential item for homes and businesses alike. With a variety of styles and sizes to choose from, finding the ideal hand towels for any break room, kitchen or shop is easier than ever. Staples carries a selection of disposable towels that fit in standard commercial dispensers as well as regular rolls for home use and specialty varieties for heavy-duty cleaning.

The Right Fit for Any Holder
Scott paper towels are made to fit in a variety of wall-mounted hand towel dispensers. Multifold towels fit in common rectangular dispensers such as the Kimberly-Clark folded towel dispensers, and C-fold towels are compatible with universal and C-fold dispensers. Center-pull and hard roll towels are available in a variety of roll sizes made to fit common commercial models.

Designed for Hygienic Dispensing
Scott paper towels are designed to dispense one at a time. Quality perforated rolls tear cleanly, and folded varieties pull out smoothly, so users do not need to handle the machine after cleaning their hands. Less touching means fewer germs and promotes more sanitary conditions. Highly absorbent wipes with pockets and ridges are more efficient at cleaning kitchen spills than standard towels, and they leave behind less food residue that can harbor harmful bacteria and attract pests. Because they are discarded directly after use, the towels don't spread germs onto clean surfaces.

Specialty Products for Extra Cleaning Power
For tough jobs around the shop or garage, choose Scott rags in a box, which are thicker and stronger than regular varieties. These convenient wipes come in a pop-up box that allows quick access to each wipe. They are good for wet or dry applications, such as cleaning up paints and grease or polishing and refinishing wood and metals. For a streak-free gleam on glass, mirrors or bathroom fixtures, choose blue glass wipes, which are designed to dry quickly and leave less lint.

Reduce Costs With Paper Towels by the Case
Stocking up on essential products is cost effective. Per-towel prices are lower when purchased in quantity, and having a generous supply on-hand eliminates emergency purchases. Staples sells paper towels in a variety of case sizes. Large cases that contain 12 rolls or a dozen 200-sheet packs are ideal for busy offices, restaurants or anyone with plenty of storage space. Packs of 6 rolls or cases with 4,000 sheets are suitable for small businesses and homes.

Environmentally Friendly Options Promote Sustainability
Disposable towels are a source of solid waste, and many municipalities do not provide recycling or composting services for them. Choosing quality products that are designed to absorb water quickly and prevent dispenser jamming help to reduce waste. Look for sustainable products that are made from recycled fibers or plant fibers, which are more rapidly renewable than tree fibers. For rolling bathroom dispensers and kitchen towel holders, consider tube-free varieties, which help eliminate cardboard from the waste stream.

Stock Up for Parties and Meetings
Have a generous supply of disposable towels on hand for large parties and office events. Folded varieties make cleanup fast and easy, and they can also double as napkins. Pop-up boxes are convenient for spaces without dispensers, such as conference rooms and picnic tables.