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Scribers, pin vises, and other sharp instruments let you easily create holes in many different materials. These holes can then hold pieces together with pins or permit other forms of joins and splices. Small businesses may also use scribers for engraving.

Create a Seamless Look
Using pins to hold metal or plastic parts together secures them without obvious glues or seams. Pin vises enable the creation of a hole that can then be used to hide the pin itself. This creates an elegant look that is perfect for more detailed pieces.

Punch through Tough Material
Scribers and pin vises can easily punch through tough fabric and thin wood. For more heavy-duty work, try a selection of chisels, punches, and pins.

Add Custom Engraving
Scribers and picks can be used to create beautiful custom engraving. Customers are likely to enjoy the specialized look engraving allows.

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