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Sponges & Cleaning Brushes

Easily remove dirt, smudge marks, and other surface stains from hard and soft areas with durable and convenient scrubbing sponges. These cleaning tools are available in many different styles, including models with durable handles, to efficiently clean large and small spaces around the home and office. A variety of different colored cleaning pads make it easy to keep specific sponges designated to certain tasks. Staples has an extensive assortment of office products and cleaning supplies, such as paper towels and dish soap, to keep homes, classrooms, workspaces, and many other places tidy, spotless, and organized.

Understand the benefits of scrubbing sponges
Reusable and lightweight cloth pads are used in a variety of cleaning and polishing applications, such as buffing porcelain and wiping bathroom accessories, and nonwoven units thoroughly clean metals and other delicate surfaces without leaving scratch marks. Scrub narrow bottles, small canisters, jars, and other containers with long, soft-bristle brushes attached to plastic handles to fully clean the inside of containers that have small openings. Remove stubborn food stains from dishware with powerful scour pads that maintain structural integrity during heavy-duty cleaning. The efficient scrubbers have an abrasive layer that quickly and easily rubs away hard-to-remove grime and dirt from hardware tools, cutlery, classroom furniture, and from many other places.

Consider scrubbing sponges for different tasks
Steel wool soap pads are saturated with cleaning solutions to effectively break down dirt, oil, and other grime for quick and simple cleanups. The high-quality scrub units are available in different scents, like lemon and lavender, to leave the area with a fresh aroma when the task is complete. Double-sided styles include a scouring layer on the back and an absorbent sponge on the front, which makes it convenient to scrub and wipe surface areas such as fixtures and walls throughout community centers, hospitals, and other areas. The durable pads are available as single units or in packs of two or more.

Do scrub sponges deteriorate?
The life expectancy depends on the types of materials that make up sponges, brushes, and pads. Cellulose units are extremely porous and benefit from soapy, hot water soaks to kill bacteria that tend to hide in large pores. Use specific sponges for different tasks to avoid spreading bacteria from one area to the next.

Are scrubbing sponges washable?
Yes. It's recommended to soak sponges, pads, and soft-bristle brushes in the dishwasher every other day to eliminate mildew and bacteria from the units. Let the cleaning tools completely air-dry before use.

What type of scrub sponges are used for different tasks?
Abrasive pads have a tough layer that wipes away grime like baked-on food from barbecue grills. Steel wool styles include a mass of steel or metal threads that quickly clean hard surface areas such as metal pans and ovens. Water-activated scrub sponges do not require additional soap or other cleaning solutions, and these efficient pads thoroughly clean countertops, showers, sinks, and toilets. The tools also quickly remove marks from classroom and hallway walls. Soft microfiber cloths work in conjunction with sponges to wipe dust away before scrubbing commences.
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