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Squeegees for Window-Cleaning

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High-quality squeegees make it easy to clean your windows and create a sanitary look effortlessly. Brand options include Carlisle, Ettore, and Unger, which offer models that fit your cleaning needs. These products work on windows, glass, and other surfaces around the house or apartment. Taking care of greasy fingerprints, liquid splashes, and traces of dirt is efficient with these multi-purpose products.  Different dimensions are available to accommodate professional cleaners and homeowners in need of basic cleaning supplies. Browse bulk options of squeegees and other cleaning tools at Staples. 

Specifics of cleaning squeegees 
Their practical design makes it simple to reach corners when cleaning rooms efficiently. Large wiping heads are ideal for covering large areas so you can finish cleaning in no time. Use fast-lock rubber handle squeegees for secure and comfortable cleaning of large panoramic windows. Window cleaning kits for heavy-duty cleanups are available, featuring pads, handles, and S channels. Use pads to polish windows and other surfaces to achieve a natural shine. With streak-free solutions, these cleaning tools create a professional appearance in any environment. Some handles feature a suspension system, which enables comfortable movements to remove dust. Narrows and wide blades are available to add convenience as you’re cleaning small or large spots. 

Benefits of using squeegees 
Ergonomic designs make select handles an excellent choice for extensive cleanups in large facilities. Compact handle and head sizes are available to suit small establishments. Users can connect handles to blades, making it convenient for cleaning automotive windows, countertops, and small windows. Pole extensions are also quite practical, reaching remote spots on large windows. Some aluminum poles are hollow on the inside so it’s easy to maneuver them. Oil-resistant squeegee blades serve well in the long-term because grease can’t affect the material in a substantial way. 

What are some material options?
Stainless steel window squeegees offer durability for long-term use, and they feature a sleek design so they’re easy to handle. Other materials include polycarbonate and soft rubber handles, making them lightweight. Soft rubber blades are suitable for cleaning delicate surfaces. Color-coded scrub pads simplify cleaning processes while offering optimal efficiency. Handles come with a nonslip covering to ensure you always have a proper grip on them.

What other cleaning tools are helpful when cleaning with squeegees?
Scouring pads are ideal for initial cleaning of tiled walls in showers and around baths and sinks. Used gently, they leave no scratches or marks when cleaning off scum or grease. The nylon material dries quickly, which makes cleanups fast and efficient. After scouring, squeegees complete the cleaning process, helping make surfaces gleam and shine. Mini dusters are suitable for removing cobwebs and other debris from inner and outer window frames before cleaning the glass with a squeegee. With zero chemical use, dusters present a secure cleaning process that won’t leave potentially harmful particles on surfaces.

Is the fabric choice important?
Woven synthetic fabrics with Velcro and zigzag stitched ends ensure durability, so squeegees won’t wear and tear with rigorous use. Microfiber sleeves are another choice worth considering, featuring the ability to collect dust, crumbs, and other particles.
O'Dell 20" Window Squeegee, Each (SQW-8RM)
Item #783627
Model #SQW-8RM
  • Auto squeegee cleans vehicle windows, mirrors, and other surfaces
  • Length of handle: 20", width of sponge and blade: 8"
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Unger Pro 12"W Window Squeegee (PR300)
Item #848798
Model #PR300
  • Glass squeegee for window cleaning
  • Dimensions: 12"W
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UNISAN Professional Ostrich Feather Duster, 7" Handle
Item #BWK13FD
Model #13FD
  • Professional quality gray feathers
  • Attracts and holds dust
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Unger Pro 18"L Window Squeegee (PR450)
Item #815539
Model #PR450
  • Glass squeegee for window cleaning
  • Dimensions: 18"L
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Unger The Pill Glass Cleaner, 10 tablets
Item #UNGPL10
Model #PL10
  • Pill window cleaning solution provides exceptional cleaning power and an easier glide surface for your cleaning tools
  • Biodegradable, skin friendly, and non-toxic
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Unger OptiLoc 96"L Window Extension Pole, Each (EZ250)
Item #848607
Model #EZ250
  • Two-section telescopic extension pole to use with windows cleaning tools
  • Dimensions: 96"L
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Unger Pro Window Kit, Each (PWK00)
Item #848888
Model #PWK00
  • High-quality, starter glass cleaning kit features a selection of ergonomic window cleaning tools
  • Main components are made of aluminum and plastic in silver and green
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Extension-Handle Duster, 3 Ft. Handle, 6/Carton
Item #PGC82074CT
Model #82074CT
  • Keep it simple, keep it easy with this versatile duster
  • Dust Lock™ system
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Unger® SpeedClean™ Indoor Window Cleaning Kit
Item #100214
Model #CK053
  • Indoor window cleaning kit
  • Cleans hard-to-reach places
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Unger® Pro Stainless Steel Squeegee, 12" Wide Blade, Black, Each (PR300)
Item #695719
Model #PR300
  • Lighter weight yet stronger than brass. Cleans any smooth, flat surface.
  • Pro stainless steel squeegee is lighter weight, yet stronger than brass. Cleans any smooth, flat surface. Fast-lock rubber grip handle, channel, and rubber blade.
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