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Sentry Safes & Secure Storage

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Safes keep confidential files, stock certificates, and bonds secured in offices, storerooms and other locations. Sentry®Safe has a viable option for many of these locations, ensuring valuables and important documents remain secure. Staples® carries a variety of safes with different features that meet the needs of most businesses and homes.

SentrySafes Provide Security for Small Businesses
Even small fast food restaurants are high-traffic businesses that take in large amounts of cash, checks, and credit card receipts that must be secured in a safe. Rather than make periodic runs to the bank during the day, businesses reduce the amount of cash in their tills with an on-site depository safe. Electronic locks with a time delay function and an anti-pry door prevent repeated break-in attempts for added security. The deposit hopper design prevents fishing out items without opening the door. A bolt kit lets users secure the safe to the floor, protecting against unauthorized removal.

Many retail clothing stores carry a limited selection of jewelry and other high-value items that must be secured after closing but require less room in a safe. Smaller SentrySafe models have three-number mechanical locks for easy use. Options with programmable electronic locks and live-locking bolts provide added peace of mind.

SentrySafes Protect Valuables From Fires and Other Unexpected Events
At a temperature of 1,500 degrees Fahrenheit, the inside of a fire-proof safe remains at 250 degrees for up to two hours, well below the temperature that ignites paper or melts important digital media. Tightly sealed closures protect against damage due to water. Fire and waterproof safes are ETL certified to protect the contents from damage during a fire or submersion in a flood. Many of these sturdy safes survive a full story collapse and keep their structural integrity.

Is a SentrySafe Unit Practical for Home Use?
Homeowners' and renters' insurance policies require safekeeping. Access passports, original birth certificates, social security cards, and other items that are difficult to replace quickly by keeping them in a safe in your home. Many models are large enough to store vital files, marriage certificates, passports, wills, and the deed to a house. Irreplaceable stamp collections, letters, and mementos are safe from the intense heat of a house or office fire.

Keep jewelry and rare coins secure in a .05-cubic-foot safe. A fabric lining protects items from scratches. Durable solid steel construction and a strong tethering cable keep precious items secure. A locked cash box tethered to a table keeps sales receipts and cash safe from theft, and the quick-access key lock speeds up making change.

Where Should a Safe be Kept?
Safes are more secure in an out-of-sight location inside a desk, tethered in a closet, or even bolted in a recess in the wall at the back of a cupboard or behind a piece of art.

What Can be Done if the Combination is Lost?

Some combination safes also have an override key lock. Owners keep the keys in a secure location away from the safe. Owners can request a replacement combination from Sentry with a notarized ownership statement, and within seven to ten days an alternate combination is provided by surface mail or email.