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Seventh Generation Tampons

Personal care products save time and make self-care more convenient. Using high-quality products minimizes your exposure to chemicals and maximizes comfort. Seventh Generation feminine hygiene products aim to provide a safe and reliable option for women.

Organic Products Minimize Chemical Absorption
The materials in these feminine care products are organic and have as few synthetic chemicals as possible. The company utilizes organic cotton, whitened without chlorine. This brand's tampons have no added deodorants or fragrances, reducing the body's exposure to chemicals and making them an excellent option for those who are sensitive to scents and synthetics.

Consider Different Designs for Easy Use
Each woman has specific needs and preferences, and these products have a solution for everyone. They have applicator options for those who prefer this style for convenience and hygiene reasons. The cardboard applicators can be recycled. Applicator-free options minimize packaging and bulk for easy, discreet storage. There are several different absorbency levels to suit whatever each day brings. Options include regular, super and super plus.

Convenient Packaging is Ideal for Home or Work
The streamlined, simple packaging makes them an ideal addition to any home or office bathroom. The individually packaged tampons are easy to open and very quiet, providing discretion in busy bathrooms. There are boxes of various sizes, giving users the option of purchasing in bulk amounts for the entire office or purchasing in smaller amounts when space is limited.

Which Organic Certifications do Seventh Generation Tampons Have?
When purchasing organic, consider which certifications a product has received. This brand's feminine care products fit the Global Organic Textile Standard. This means that the cotton they use is grown without synthetic pesticides. The other parts of the tampon minimize damage to environmental health and use socially conscious manufacturing processes. These products are also Oregon Tilth Certified Organic.

Do Organic Options Provide the Same Reliability as Conventional Products?
With feminine hygiene products, reliability is one of the most important purchasing factors. Organic options from Seventh Generation offer the same durability and dependability as other major brands including lengthwise expansion for complete coverage throughout the day. These tampons provide leak-free protection that lets users feel confident all day long.

Are Products from This Company Environmentally Friendly?
Organic products go hand-in-hand with environmentally friendly initiatives, and the same goes for feminine hygiene products from this brand. The boxes are made from 100 percent recycled material. They are recyclable, creating a sustainable cycle of use and reuse. The production process uses as few synthetic chemicals as possible, reducing the amount of chlorinated toxins released into the environment. Since cotton used in these products is grown organically, it reduces pesticide pollution. Organic cotton growing improves conditions for cotton farmers, so this company is socially conscious as well as environmentally friendly.

Feminine hygiene products need to be reliable, safe and comfortable to meet women's needs. Seventh Generation options reduce the chemical burden on the body while ensuring that women have the protection they need. Browse Staples listings to find feminine hygiene products that are convenient and dependable.
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Seventh Generation Feminine Care Pads, Maxi Regular, 24/Box
Item : 795628 / Model : SEV 45000
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  • Environmentally Friendly
  • 24/box
  • Contoured pad curves for a comfortable fit
7.29 $7.29
Seventh Generation Tampons, Regular Size, 16/Pack
Item : 795627 / Model : SEV 45103
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  • Assorted
  • Material : Chlorine-free organic cotton
  • Size: Regular
9.49 $9.49