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Sewing tools make life easier by giving you the sharpest blades, most durable cutting mats, and everything in between. Find blades for rotary cutters and straight blades. If you need a new cutter or a cheesecloth, you can find exactly what you require.

Easy Replacement
Sewing tools include knife blades that are sharp and ready to go into your cutting device. Choose from rotary cutters, which are great for cutting around curves, or straight cutters, which are ideal for straight edges, particularly when you use a steel ruler.

Protect Your Fingers
Brand-new supplies ensure your fingers are protected from slips, but you can also help to prevent accidental jabs with a range of thimbles. Metal thimbles are ideal for those who like the traditional approach, but consider plastic or alternative thimbles for better fitting.

Precise Cuts
Cut fabric or thread perfectly with the wide range of cutters and guides. Consider using a steel ruler for absolute precision on the edges, but you can freehand using fabric chalk or a fabric pen for curved lines. Guides set into cutting mats also make cutting simple as you can follow the edges. Stencils also make great guides as you can simply cut over them. Graph paper lets you sketch out a design and then use it as a guide for the fabric.

Protect Your Surfaces
Cutting mats prevent your surfaces from being scratched or even dented by acting as a layer between the knife and the table. They also help to keep the blade sharper for longer, as the blade won't become dented after hitting a solid surface.

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