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Shipping Tags & Seals

Shipping tags help with a variety of mailing responsibilities, inventory control tasks, retail sales, and administrative assignments. The tags are available in different sizes and colors to help keep work and home spaces organized. Staples® carries a large selection of accessories to assist with the next school, work, or community project.

Reasons to Use Shipping Tags
A reinforced eyelet ensures the label remains securely on a string, and the reinforcement prevents the twine from tearing through the card. This is useful when the tag is part of a pricing display around merchandise. A sturdy cardstock tag with an attached wire is easy to place around library book racks as a way to show which books to file. The tear-resistant cardstock material withstands high-traffic areas, so the tags endure active classrooms, daycare centers, and other busy areas. Packs of 100 tags are available, so it's simple to stock the office supply cabinet with labels for future shipping and other office tasks.

Customize a Tag With Color
A color-coded system helps organize items, and multiple colored tags are useful when separating different objects during inventory. Red, blue, yellow, and white tags can separate numbered units, and custom-printed labels eliminate the need to write item information on tags. This time-saving printing makes it easy to quickly associate a label with an object during routine inventory tasks. Colorful tags ensure specific business mailings, deliveries, and files awaiting action inside a mail room are noticeable. Weatherproof shipping labels guarantee the address remains legible even after it's gone through outdoor elements. Mildew-resistant tags maintain structural integrity despite damp, cool conditions such as fruit cellars and basements.

Are Shipping Seals Easy to Use?
Translucent seals apply effortlessly to envelopes, boxes, and other types of structures as an adhesive application. The transparent label makes it simple to write a smudge-proof address or simple delivery instructions for a postal worker. The seals peel away from their backing easily and stick to hard and soft surfaces, so they offer quick applications inside the home and office. A standard pack can include approximately 500 seals, and come in even bigger bulk packs for larger projects. Customized seals, such as monogram initials, add a classic aesthetic to a mailing project.

Are Shipping Labels Part of Creative Projects?
Shipping labels can be utilitarian, but they work for creative outlets, too. Use decorative shipping labels as gift tags on boxes and bags. Designate coat hooks and personal baskets for classroom students with small and large tags. You can personalize tags with creative art and integrate the designs into scrapbooks and photo albums as a way to highlight particular events, family members, and friends.

Are the Shipping Labels Sterile?
Several labels are weatherproof, free of chemicals, and lint-free for use in sensitive environments. Sterile tags are available for use in hospitals, cafeterias, and other areas in which germs require containment. A mildew-resistant, weatherproof tag helps label and organize items in a damp environment such as a pool area and creates assignments for bins that hold goggles, swimsuits, or lost-and-found items.