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Bey-Berk BB503 Shoe Shine KitBey-Berk BB503 Shoe Shine Kit
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Item #154936
Model #BB503
  • Dimensions: 5 17/20"(H) x 5 1/2"(W) x 2 3/20"(D)
  • Zippered black leather case
Professional shoes easily get dirty and scuffed, so keep these shoe care materials on hand to maintain a professional appearance while you work. These products are easy to use without any prior training and are a simple way to ensure your shoes last for years.

Shoe Horns
Use these shoe horns to ensure dress shoes keep their shape when in storage or tucked away after a long day at work. Simply slide them in and walk away to ensure your shoes do not deflate or get misshapen after years of use. Shoe horns also create convenient handles for polishing and cleaning shoes.

If the shoe covers in your staff apparel let in some debris, opt for one of these cleaning tools. Stiff bristles can remove many types of debris, such as mud and grass, leaving your shoes looking tidy. These can be used on a variety of shoe types, including boots and sneakers.

A kit is a good choice for those with no experience or prior materials. These kits include a variety of polishes and brushes, so you can clean and polish multiple types of shoes with a single kit instead of purchasing separate products. These kits come in convenient cases that close securely to prevent items from falling out during travel.

Polish your shoes to the perfect shine with these polishing materials. The right polish and a quality polishing rag can turn old, scuffed shoes that have lost their luster into fresh footwear. Properly polished shoes give you a professional, put-together appearance that completes your look for meetings and business trips.