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Sink Strainers

Prevent your drains from clogging or backing up with these durable sink strainers. Each one is designed for heavy use, so you can use it effectively in a high-traffic commercial kitchen. Outfit your kitchen with products from the Thunder Group, American Metalcraft, and Update International.

Fast Installation
Sink strainers are available in a range of sizes and shapes, so you can find the option that fits almost any type of kitchen. Protect a standard round drain with large or medium strainers that drop over the opening and create tight seals, preventing particles from circumventing the mesh. Some models lie flat against the drain, while others use long spikes to prevent sideways movement.

Heavy-Duty Construction
Choose sink strainers made from a variety of heavy-duty materials to ensure long-term performance. Stainless-steel models resist rusting and provide fine straining capabilities. For a more lightweight solution, choose strainers made from sturdy aluminum. Other models are available in long-lasting polycarbonate.

Efficient Performance
Manufactured with a fine mesh basin, each strainer is designed to perform efficiently. Harmless small particles wash away down the drain, while larger items are caught. The strainers enable water and soap to pass freely through, so your sink drains quickly. Some models are designed to work with floor drains to help your kitchen stay dry and safe for employees.

Easy Cleaning
Each of these strainers is designed for quick removal, so you can clean your sink without the use of special tools. When your strainer is full, simply lift it out and empty it in the trash. Each item can be washed with standard dish soap or sent through a commercial dishwasher, making cleanup a breeze.

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