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Furniture moving straps are an ideal solution for safe lifting and transport of furniture and other large or heavy objects when you need to move them to a different location. At Staples®, they're available in a variety of configurations, depending on user's specific needs. Having moving slings available is a good option for small to large-sized shipping facilities, and they're also suitable for home and office use when any type of furniture needs to be moved. .

The Functionality of Furniture Moving Straps
These straps are made of highly durable and compact materials, which help dead-lift hundreds of pounds from the floor while providing maximum support to the object and increased safety for the user. Moving enormous furniture pieces becomes a much easier task to accomplish without risking unnecessary damages in the process. These straps can also be used to anchor different types of furniture once it's in place, which can be very useful for parents with smaller children. 

What are the Benefits of Using Moving Slings?
There are two main benefits when using high-quality moving straps/ They absorb most of the load, so there's less strain on the mover, this means that there's less risk of injury. Moving straps also reduce the risk of damage the furniture or surroundings as they keep the piece still during the moving process.

What are Furniture Moving Straps Made Of?
The furniture moving straps and slings are made of durable materials like mesh, canvas, and polyester. They also feature the heavy-duty stitching for increased durability. These straps and slings work with an array of lifting clamps, so they are convenient as they can be integrated into an existing system.

What is the Physics Behind Moving Straps? 
The furniture moving process is made easier with the use of straps because they lower the center of gravity of the object you're lifting, and they can be maneuvered easily without unnecessary bending. Wearing proper shoes and clearing a path is also vital for a successful moving process without any injuries. It is also ideal to lift the weight of the object with the legs instead of the back — the straps make the task easier but users still need to be careful, especially with spinal movements. 

What Types of Moving Slings are There?
There are two basic types of available slings: full harness and forearm lift. The first option allows for free arm movement while moving the item, so the object can be kept stable by using hands. This type is suitable for carrying very heavy objects like bigger closets, beds, or bookcases because the person is basically using his or her entire body to carry the object, making it easier by default. The forearm lift type is similar but, because the slings are attached on the forearms, the arm movements are more limited because the person is using them to carry the weight. The hands are still free even with the forearm model, so the object can still be stabilized while moving to some degree.

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