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Sony Blank Media

Shoot high-quality videos by using Sony® mini DV tapes as the recording media for your camcorder. They capture video and audio files of higher definition than VHS tapes. Unlike analog tape recordings, these digital multimedia files are easier to transfer to computers and edit with software. Since they are smaller than DV tapes, camcorders that use mini DV cassettes are usually compact and lightweight devices. Staples® carries a wide selection of this digital blank media from Sony and other prominent brands of video camera accessories.

Choose the Right Sony Mini DV Tapes for Your Camcorder
Sony offers multiple lines of mini DV tapes. Some of the popular ones are the Excellence, Premium, Videographer Grade, and High Definition series. You can differentiate mini DV cassettes in these lines by the EXM, PR, VG, and HD designations at the end of their model numbers. Like the rest of Sony's mini DV lineup, its Excellence and Premium Series cassettes use metal evaporated tapes. To improve durability and quality of your recording, the tapes also have a layer of carbon coat. This prevents dropouts, which are the appearance of white specks in videos saved on repeatedly erased tapes.

The VG cassettes use a proprietary technology that enhances their performance and makes playback smoother. You can capture videos in resolutions ranging from 720i and 1080p with these mini DV tapes. Sony HD mini DV cassettes bring most of the features of the VG line to consumer and prosumer camcorders. They can capture HD videos while also delivering smooth playbacks with minimal errors and dropouts.

Pick Sony Mini DV Tapes With IC Chips to Make Better Videos
Besides regular mini DV tapes, Sony also offers models with IC memory chips. To take full advantage of these cassettes, you need a Sony DV camcorder since they can record auxiliary data on these chips while capturing videos. The integrated chips save information like indices, segment titles, and dates. You can retrieve this information and create features like a table of contents for a tape when replaying captured videos with a player or software that can read the information stored on the chip. Not all Sony mini digital video cassettes have IC chips. For example, the PR tapes do not have them while the EXM ones do.

Are All Sony Mini DV Tapes Metal Evaporated Tapes?
Yes. Both metal evaporated (ME) and metal particle (MP) tapes use magnetic metal particles bound to polyester film. The ME tapes offered by Sony are made in vacuum chambers that leave thinner coats of metal on the film than MP tapes. ME tapes capture much high video and audio signal quality than MP ones and significantly minimize noise in the saved files.

Can You Record More Than 60 Minutes of Video on Sony Mini DV Tapes?
Yes. Most mini DV cassettes can record 60 minutes of video at standard or HD resolution or store up to 90 minutes of video at lower resolutions. Sony makes mini DV tapes that provide 60, 63, and 80 minutes of runtime with 90, 94, and 120 minutes of LP or extended recordings respectively.

Can You Play Sony Mini DV Tapes With VHS Players?
No. VHS cassettes are physically different from DV and mini DV tapes. While there are adapters to convert mini DV cassettes to full-sized DV tapes, there are none to turn them into VHS cassettes. To watch your mini DV tape at home, simply leave it inside your camcorder and connect it to your TV.
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Sony® DVM60PRL/1BP Premium Mini Digital Video Cassette
Item : 210128
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  • Maximum recording time: 60 minutes
  • Evaporated metal for higher carrier-to-noise ratio
  • Dimensions: 3/4"(H) x 2 1/4"(W) x 3"(L)
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