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Sparkle Paper Towels

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Choose Sparkle® paper towels for everyday cleaning and wiping tasks. They’re ideal for different environments ranging from office breakrooms and restaurants to kitchens at home. These strong towels feel soft to touch and can tackle everything from spills to grease stains. Staples® offers Sparkle towels in easy-to-stock perforated boxes and single wrapped units.

Enjoy Exceptional Strength and Absorbency From Sparkle Paper Towels
It’s important to choose cleaning products that reflect well on your facility and brand. Show employees and patrons they deserve first-rate paper towels by choosing rolls made by Sparkle. The premium quality of the brand’s perforated rolls gives them impressive strength even when wet. High strength and absorbency make these towels durable. These qualities also minimize usage as users don’t have to fold them into thick wads when wiping messy countertops. Keep rolls available in common spaces such as breakrooms and kitchens for quick and easy cleanup.

All paper towels from Sparkle have embossed patterns on their surfaces. These give them an eye-catching look and turn these everyday cleaning products into decorative items. Besides their aesthetic appeal, the embossed patterns also improve the wicking action of the towels. This enhanced absorbency contributes to Sparkle towels’ ability to wipe spills, dry vegetables and flowers, and keep wrapped foods fresh.

Brighten the Area With Colorful Sparkle Paper Towels
Besides crisp white paper towels, Sparkle also makes colored and printed versions. These add character to homes, offices, and restaurants. The Hint of Color® variants have blue whorl- and star-shaped patterns. These give the paper towels an eye-catching design and a deluxe look. Sparkle’s Spirited Prints™ paper towels show off a variety of bright and earthy shades. These keep the white, textured surface of the basic models and have colorful patterns printed on the background. The result is playful designs that transform these cleaning products from forgettable, disposable absorbent paper into decorative rolls capable of elevating room decors.

What Are Thirst Pockets in Sparkle Paper Towels?
Thirst Pockets® add extra absorbency and strength to Sparkle paper towels. This means the towels are cost-effective buys for breakrooms as employees use less each time they clean up messes.

What Is the Ply Count of a Sparkle Paper Towel?
Most of the paper towels from this brand have two-ply thickness. Ply count refers to the number of layers of paper used to make a towel. Generally, higher ply counts translate to thicker, stronger, and more absorbent paper. A double-ply paper towel is better than a single-ply unit and softer than three- and four-ply towels. Sparkle paper towels are soft enough for hand drying as well as strong enough to wipe up messes and spills. 

What Are the Available Roll Sizes of Sparkle Paper Towels?
Sparkle Pick-A-Size® paper towels reduce wastage by letting you choose the size paper towels you wish to use. They come in four size classes: Big, Giant, Double, and Mega. Three Big rolls are equivalent to four Regular rolls, with each Big pack offering 35 percent more paper towels. Two Giant rolls are equivalent to three Regular rolls. This means that a pack of Giant rolls offers 50 percent more towels. A Double roll is twice as big as a Regular roll while a Mega roll has 65 percent more towels than a Regular roll. Sparkle Professional paper towels are available in 15 and 30 roll cases, ideal for all business needs.