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Staedtler® Combination Set
Item #274720
Model #569 32BK
  • Drafting type: Combination Set
  • Material: Plastic
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Staedtler® Geomaster Compass
Out of Stock
Item #274670
Model #556WP00A602
  • Drafting type: Geomaster compass
  • Maximum circle drawn: 8 7/8"

Staedtler Stamps & Stencil FAQs

You lead a busy life. That’s why at Staples we want to help you find the Staedtler Stamps & Stencils that meet your needs. We carry 2 Staedtler Stamps & Stencil products all starting at prices as low as $14.99. That means you have some options and products to compare, which is where our FAQs can help.

Below you’ll find questions about top rated products, popular products, and the best deals Staples has on Staedtler Stamps & Stencils. We’ve pulled together ratings, reviews, and deal information to help you filter through our inventory and find the right Staedtler Stamps & Stencil at the best price anywhere.

What is the top rated Staedtler Stamps & Stencil on

  • Staedtler® Combination Set has a 4.5 star rating from 49 reviews and is our top rated Staedtler Stamps & Stencil. It starts at $14.99.

What Staedtler Stamps & Stencil costs the least on

What is the best Staedtler Stamps & Stencil based upon Staples customer reviews?

  • Staedtler® Geomaster Compass is the most popular Staedtler Stamps & Stencil and has been reviewed by 84 customers. It holds a 4.3 star rating and starts at $18.89