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Cosco Reuseable Stencil Kit, 1", Transparent Plastic (98166)
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Item #712369
Model #098166
  • Size: 1"
  • Material: Transparent Plastic
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Cosco Creative Start Assorted Stencils, Brown, 48/Pack (098162)
In store only
Item #140640
Model #103
  • Gothic font stencil letters and numbers are quick and easy to use
  • Reusable stencils are made of unbleached and undyed natural brown cardstock
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Essential Learning™ Stencil, Animal (ELP001953)Essential Learning™ Stencil, Animal (ELP001953)
Item #627274
Model #ELP001953
  • A selection of the most popular stencil designs with over 200 images of animals, flowers, letters, people, dinosaurs, holidays and more
  • Theme/design: Animal
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Spectra Art Tissue Paper, 12"W x 18"L, Assorted Colors, 100/Pack (0059530)Spectra Art Tissue Paper, 12"W x 18"L, Assorted Colors, 100/Pack (0059530)
Item #413053
Model #59530
  • Fine-quality deluxe-grade tissue that bleeds, making it easy to create a beautiful watercolor look
  • Comes in 25 assorted colors
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Staedtler® Combination Set
Item #274720
Model #569 32BK
  • Drafting type: Combination Set
  • Material: Plastic
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Crayola® Colored Drawing Chalk, Assorted Colors, 12/PackCrayola® Colored Drawing Chalk, Assorted Colors, 12/Pack
Item #641606
Model #51-0403
  • Vibrant colors include yellow, yellow orange, orange, red, red violet, violet, blue, blue green, yellow green, green, brown and black
  • Drawing chalk is great for paper and other surface besides chalkboards
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Riser Circle Master Template, 7"x10"x.030", 1/16" to 3"D, GY
Item #2704016
Model #CHA1204I
  • Templates constructed of transparent, matte-finish plastic.
  • Circles from 1/16" to 3" dia.
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BOOST Educational Series ABC Coloring Book (DP-493962)
Item #1111567
Model #DP-493962
  • Type: Coloring Book
  • Material is paper
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Elmer's® 9" x 12" Black Sketch Book (234-501)
Item #332009
Model #234-501
  • Black cover, white paper sketchbook is ideal for use with pencil, charcoal, markers, pastel and many other media
  • Paper weight: 70 lbs.
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Center Enterprises® Jumbo Washable Stamp Pad, Black (CE-5506)
Item #844867
Model #CE-5506
  • Pad type: Felt
  • Ink color: Black
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Add stamps and stencils to your collection to improve the versatility of your arts and crafts collection, or to improve your documents. Simple stamps can be used to mark papers with commonly used phrases, such as addressees, and fun shapes are ideal for encouraging students on homework and tests.

Use stamps to instantly create an inked item, such as a small piece of art, signature, or common text. Some stamps are self-inking for an all-in-one option, while others can be used with a variety of different colors, making them a versatile option. Stand-alone stamps are a good option for sorting papers by color while using a single shape or design.

Stencils are easy to use with your painting supplies or writing utensils. Stencils make it easy to keep a consistent look throughout a project, such as when creating signs, that are easy to read and understand. Most of these are reusable, so you can keep one set on hand for regular use.

Stamp Pads
Keep stamp pads on hand along with your stamps and stencils to ensure you can always get a quality result from your stamps. These pads come in a variety of colors, including pads with a single color and pads with multiple colors in the same pack. Much of this ink is also washable, making them safe for use around cloth and children.

Ink Refills
Ink refill bottles can be used with stamp pads to refresh old pads with a new color. Keeping refills in stock also prevents waste, since you no longer have to buy an entirely new stamp pad when the ink runs out.

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