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Staples 26-Sheet Commercial Series Strip Cut ShredderStaples 26-Sheet Commercial Series Strip Cut Shredder
Item #433082
Model #SPL-NSC28C
  • Shreds at up to 12.1 feet per minute
  • Dimensions: 32 by 17.5 by 14.4 inches (H x W x H), 78.8 pounds
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Staples 10-Sheet Cross-Cut Commercial Shredder (SPL-BXC102A)
Item #940511
Model #SPL-BXC102A
  • Commercial cross-cut shredder is designed for busy professionals
  • Shreds up to 10 sheets at 6.5' per minute
Staples® 12-Sheet Cross Cut ShredderStaples® 12-Sheet Cross Cut Shredder
Item #740129
Model #SPL-TXC12A
  • 12-sheet capacity, heavy-duty, cross cut
  • 6.20 gallon bin
Staples shredders are convenient for a wide range of office and home requirements. They shred sensitive documents and information into minute and unreadable pieces. This protects client information, bank statements, proposals, and other important documents from landing in unauthorized hands. Staples offers a variety of shredders with different capacities, enhanced user convenience, safety features, and working speed.

Strip-cut and crosscut shredders
Strip-cut shredders shred papers into narrow strips, while crosscut shredders cut paper lengthwise and widthwise at the same time. Both types are ideal for disposing of documents, and many units can also shred credit cards. Crosscut shredders are more secure because they shred the paper into smaller pieces. In contrast, strip-cut shredders are ideal for documents or materials that don’t contain sensitive information.

Convenience to users
Staples shredders feature different bin capacities that accommodate various volumes of shredded paper. The smaller bin volumes are convenient for environments where there aren’t a lot of documents to shred, while the larger bins accommodate more shredded material. Auto-start and stop features provide convenience, and the auto-reverse feature clears jams for smooth functioning. Different run times allow for shredding of large volumes of paper for increased efficiency. A full-bin indicator on some models alerts users when the bin is full, while other models have a see-through bin window that lets users determine if it’s time to empty the bin. Staples shredders with reduced noise ensure quiet operation without interrupting coworkers. Small units fit well under work desks or at strategic points in the office. 

Safety features of Staples shredders
An interlock feature prevents a shredder from running if the bin isn’t correctly seated. The interlock switch also ensures the user does not access the blades of the shredder when it is running. An LED indicator alerts the user in case the shredder overheats. This feature protects the shredder from damage. Blade guards protect users from cuts or any harm that might result from feeding the paper into the shredder. 

Are there mobile Staples shredders available?
Yes. Some Staples shredders feature rolling casters that provide easy mobility around the office. Casters lock on many models to create stability when the shredder is in use, rendering it immobile and safe to use.

What should you consider when buying a Staples shredder?
Consider the type of shredder depending on the sensitivity of the documents. Other things to take into consideration include speed, the capacity of the bin, run-time, and the size of the slot. For work environments that have many workers, noise levels should also be considered.

What is the speed of Staples shredders?
Consider the speed in terms of run-time, the number of sheet feet shredded per minute, and the number of sheets fed into the shredder at a time.  Staples shredders range from those that shred between 7 feet per minute to about 12 feet per minute. Some shredders have up to 10-minute continuous run-time, which makes them convenient for shredding bulk paper without downtime, while others have a run-time of 6 minutes.