Starbucks Coffee

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Starbucks coffee fans have many options for purchasing their favorite blends and flavors in an assortment of serving styles. Whether someone loves the entire process of grinding coffee beans and brewing a pot or simply wants their favorite morning beverage as quickly and conveniently as possible, they will be able to find what they need. Regardless of which method is favored, there are some important factors to consider when making coffee purchases.

Options For Any Machine Type
A large variety of whole bean and ground options and flavors are available for those with traditional coffee machines that come in 1-pound bags. For those who prefer a little extra convenience, pre-measured 2.5-ounce packets of ground coffee are available in 18 or 72 packs.

Single serve machines make it easy for those with unique tastes to get the flavor they love without having to brew an entire pot. Keurig is a well-known option for single serve coffee, and Starbucks makes their products available for these machines. Numerous flavors and varieties are available in both K-Cup and VUE options. These coffee pods in single serve packs of 16. Additionally, for fans of Starbucks espresso or latte, Starbucks brand single-serve Verismo coffee and milk pods allow these unique coffee shop flavors to be had at home or in the office. These are available in 12 single-serve packs. K-Cups, VUE cups and Verismo coffee pods all require different machines, so ensure that what is being purchased is compatible with available equipment.

Just Add Hot Water
If a coffee maker is not available or there is no time to brew a pot, Starbucks coffee and other beverages are also available in single-serve sticks that only require hot water. This option works well for those who are frequently on the go or need to have their drink in a hurry. These single-serve sticks are available in boxes of 8 to 50 in a variety of coffee flavors. There are also other beverage types available, like strawberry lemonade or cool lime for those who enjoy the quick drink convenience but want other options besides their usual morning coffee.

Lots of Variety
Not only are there a number of ways to brew and enjoy coffee from Starbucks, but there are also a large number of choices when it comes to roast and flavor. Whether it's a traditional French or Italian roast or Starbucks' own unique Pike Place roast, there are options to suit nearly any taste. Various popular Starbucks blends like Breakfast, House, Blonde Veranda, and Caffe Verona are also available and even can be found in the most preferred flavors such as caramel and vanilla. Additionally, many of these popular varieties are also available as a decaffeinated option for those who prefer the taste and flavor of their favorite coffee without all the caffeine. And for those who enjoy more than one variety or flavor or who simply want to try something new, several sampler packs can be purchased that feature six different prominent Starbucks roasts and blends.