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SteelSeries Computer Mice

Steelseries mice are excellent for gaming and conventional computer use and offer features that emphasize customization and responsiveness. Choose between a range of designs and colors to find a mouse that is right for your gaming needs and computer setup.

Gaming-Specific Benefits of Steelseries Mice
Steelseries gaming mice use optical movement detection for smooth and responsive navigation. Six to seven programmable buttons allow for setting custom commands specific to games that you play. Mouse resolution of up to 1600 dpi provides reliable, sensitive mouse control that you can tailor based on personal preference. Surface features such as textured side grips and side buttons that match the contour of your thumb allow for a strong and comfortable grip. Likewise, zero hardware acceleration delivers precise cursor movement.

Choose a Stylish SteelSeries Mouse That Accents Your Gaming Rig
Steelseries mice are available in an array of sleek colors that accent a style-conscious gaming rig. Personalize the look with the color and flair of LED lights and displays that adjust based on factors such as intensity within the Steelseries engine.

Other notable external features include 6.5-foot wires that provide ample space for use and reliable four-pin USB inputs that automatically integrate with most computers. Steelseries mice are ergonomic, and most utilize palm and claw type grips that reduce hand strain and promote precision in clicking and movement.

What Are the Capabilities of the Steelseries Engine?
Steelseries mice utilize an engine that you can access to custom-design a variety of your mouse's features. Adjustable options include mouse DPI and acceleration and programmable buttons. These buttons can even change functions based on specific games and programs. The intuitive design of the engine means you can test settings incrementally while changing them to quickly find the right sensitivity and button layout for each application.

How Is Mouse DPI Important for Gaming?
Mice with higher DPI settings detect and react more quickly to small mouse movements to achieve fast, intuitive controls in games and conventional mouse usage. Setting the DPI along with standard mouse sensitivity allows you to find a pattern of on-screen cursor movement that fits your computing style and the nature of the game or program you're using.

Steelseries mice also feature convertible polling rates, which are how many times per second the mouse reports its position to the computer. Adjusting this setting can further benefit reflex and the coordination of the mouse and cursor. These settings help create comfortable and intuitive control of the mouse when playing games that require quick reflexes and accurate clicks.

What Are the Advantages of Optical Mice?
They utilize optical movement detection, which offers a host of benefits for gaming and normal computer use. Optical mice are versatile and function on a variety of hard surfaces, so they are adaptable while traveling. Optical mice also tend to be more exact than ball mice and have the added advantage of fewer small mechanical parts. Many of the Steelseries engine's personalization options use optical technology to minutely alter delicate features such as polling rate.
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SteelSeries Rival 310 Mouse (62433)
Item: IM11AQ105 / Model : 62433
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  • The world's first true 1 to 1 esports sensor
  • Exclusive split-trigger mouse button design
  • Ergonomic right-handed design with pure silicone side grips
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SteelSeries Sensei 310 Mouse (62432)
Item: IM11AQ104 / Model : 62432
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  • The world's first true 1 to 1 esports sensor
  • Exclusive split-trigger mouse button design
  • Omron 50-million click mechanical switches
54.99 $54.99