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Staples  Extra  Heavy-Duty  Steel  Strapping  Shear,  1  Each (SST2300)
Item #24406668
Model #SSSMIP2300
  • It's long handle and 2-handed cutters easily handle heavy strapping and keep worker at a safe distance from cut
  • Staples brand 100% satisfaction guaranteed
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Staples Polyethylene Sheets on a Roll, 36" x 48", 1.5 mil
Item #693262
Model #5915
  • Polyethylene Sheets on a Roll
  • 36" x 48"
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5/8"  -  Staples  Heavy-Duty  Serrated  Seal  Sealer (PST4258)
Item #24409573
Model #SPSMIP42058
  • For 5/8" seals
  • Heavy-duty sealer designed for industrial use
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5/8"  -  Staples  Single  Notch  Steel  Strapping  Sealer,  1  Each (SST11258)
Item #24406657
Model #SSSMIP112058
  • Size: 5/8"
  • Single notch sealer
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5/8"  -  Staples  Heavy-Duty  Double  Notch  Steel  Strapping  Sealer (SST11558)
Item #24410715
Model #SSSMIP115258
  • Size: 5/8"
  • Heavy-duty double notch sealer
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Make shipping and storage of multiple products easier by creating one convenient package held together by stretch wrap and related strapping supplies like packing tape. These materials are simple to use without prior training. Layers of this thin material add extra support to precarious stacks of products.

Easy to Use

Most types of stretch wrap come with an included handle, so you can easily apply the wrap to any item. Other options feature a hollow tube, allowing you to use an old handle for refill rolls and reducing your cost. Dispensers provide tension, providing an even application without the need for an extra hand. Use wrap with a sealer to create custom bags for small items that need to be shipped or stored, reducing the need to buy expensive, premade bags.

Thin and Flexible

Thin stretch wrap flexes and bends with its contents, giving you a close fit, no matter the size or shape of the item. In turn, this helps both save money and cuts down on waste by being able to reduce the amount of wrap necessary to cover any particular shipment. Use thin wrap to create multiple layers around a package for extra support and protection without adding extra unnecessary bulk.


These see-through wraps allow you to view shipping boxes or products you have wrapped for easy identification without unwrapping the package. Transparent wrap saves time during labeling and simplifies the process of pulling materials out of storage since you can already see what an item is, even if the label is lost. This transparency also makes it possible to check for damage both before and after transport.

Staples has the best assortment for all your heavy-duty packing and wrapping needs, from stretch wrap and pallet supplies to bubble wrap and packing peanuts.

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