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With reliable suctioning tools, you can effectively collect secretions from the airway or from body cavities during surgery. Durable canisters and tubing provide leak-free suctioning in the operating room. Disposable canisters also make getting rid of suctioned biological waste easy.

Convenient Compatibility
Suctioning canisters and tubing are designed to fit together easily, ensuring that material efficiently travels from the patient's body to the secure storage vessel. Tubing made for suctioning holds its shape well, so there's no kinking or bending in the line that could affect performance. Standard tube diameters make it easy to hook tubing to canisters or equipment. Modern canisters also connect easily to your suctioning machine without the need for an adapter.

Effective Suction
Pull mucus and secretions from a patient's airway, or clear away fluids during an operation using efficient suctioning machines equipped with durable canisters and tubing. Durable bulk tubing is an economical option for a facility that commonly treats patients with lung, trachea, and bronchial tube problems, and extended lengths of tubing can easily be cut to the right size as needed. Stock up on suctioning equipment and respiratory supplies to handle a wide range of airflow-related problems at your clinic or medical office.

Reliable Waste Removal
Suctioning canisters with tight-fitting lids that can't be removed once you snap them on can be thrown away with your other biohazard waste for easy disposal. The lid seals shut to prevent leaks and spills even if the canister is tipped or bumped, so no additional cleanup is required. Large canister sizes reduce the need for frequent replacement, so you need not stop mid-procedure to tend to waste removal.

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