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Swingline Stack-and-Shred 130X 130-Sheet Super Cross Cut Commercial Shredder (1757571D)Swingline Stack-and-Shred 130X 130-Sheet Super Cross Cut Commercial Shredder (1757571D)
Item #889095
Model #1757571DSTF
  • Commercial super cross-cut shredder is designed for busy professionals
  • Shreds credit cards, staples, and paper up to six sheets at 7' per minute
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Fellowes Fortishred HS-440 4-Sheet Super Cross-Cut High-Security Shredder (3306301)
Item #898312
Model #3306301
  • Shredder sheet capacity is 4 sheets/pass
  • High Security Cross-Cut - Shredder particle size is 1/32” x 3/16”
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GBC Stack-and-Shred 750X 12-Sheet Super Cross Cut Commercial Shredder (1757578)GBC Stack-and-Shred 750X 12-Sheet Super Cross Cut Commercial Shredder (1757578)
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Item #949356
Model #1757578
  • Commercial super cross cut shredder is designed for busy professionals
  • Shreds credit cards, staples, paper clips, CDs/DVDs, and paper up to 12 sheets at 10' per minute
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Secure destruction of confidential files is a must to keep important business information safe. Super cross-cut shredders cut papers in a cross-hatch pattern or small pieces that are virtually impossible to reassemble. Staples® offers a wide range of paper shredders and other office security devices to protect your sensitive information.

Use Super Cross-Cut Shredders at Home or Work
Shredders offer one way to protect against identity theft and to keep important business information out of the hands of competitors. Chop up old credit cards or credit card offers to prevent unauthorized use of accounts. Cut up bank statements, utility bills, and old employment records to prevent information from reaching the wrong hands. Place a shredder next to a copy machine or fax machine to destroy extra copies. Use a shredder in a busy office to comply with the FTC Disposal Laws that require businesses to destroy private consumer information.

Super Cross-Cut Shredders Are Available in a Range of Options
There are six levels of security for shredders. Level one is the lowest. These shredders cut paper into long strips for recycling or crafting. Levels two and three are slightly more secure and work well for destroying junk mail. Levels four and five use cross-cuts, shredding papers into confetti-like bits fine enough to wipe out sensitive information. Level six models provide maximum security for highly sensitive documents.

Desktop models shred up to 10 pages at a time and fit easily on a table. Office shredders are designed for multiple users and can handle up to 30 sheets at a time. Heavy-duty shredders handle 40 sheets at a time and work well in professional offices. Security management companies may prefer Industrial shredders, which can destroy over 100 sheets at a time.

What's the Difference Between a Super Cross-Cut Shredder and a Micro-Cut Shredder?
A cross-cut shredder chops paper into small bits. A micro-cut shredder chops the paper into confetti-sized paper, which is a level four security level.

What Types of Safety Features Can Be Found on Super Cross-Cut Shredders?
There are two main safety features on a cross-cut shredder. A safety interlock requires you to type in a code on a digital machine to prevent unauthorized access. This provides extra protection for children and pets. Some machines also have auto-stop features that turn the unit off when they detect inappropriate items being fed through the opening.

How Do You Maintain a Super Cross-Cut Shredder?
Over time, friction can dull the blades of the paper cutter, which prevents the machine from operating as efficiently. To prevent this, oil the machine after every 30 minutes of shredding time. To do this, spread oil in a zig-zag line across a full-sized sheet of paper. Feed the paper through the shredder and then turn the shredded on reverse for a few minutes to ensure the oil completely covers the blades. Run a few more sheets of paper through to remove any excess oil. Use only approved shredder oil in your machine to keep it running smoothly.