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Surgilube® Lubricating Jelly
Item #325983
Model #LUBE102400
  • Sterile Bacteriostatic Blend of Natural Water-Soluble Gums Provides Persistent Lubrication for Easy Insertion of Catheters, Endoscopes, Surgical Instruments, Gloves Etc
  • Forms A Transparent, Crystal Clear Film That Won't Cloud Optics
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Lubricating jelly like Surgilube makes procedures more comfortable and less stressful for the patient, while also easing the process for the doctor. This product additionally offers antibacterial properties, so it supports a clean and sterile environment. The design of the metal Surgilube tube makes it easy to handle, so you can dispense more quickly when it's needed. It also comes in single for hygienic individual use.

Make Surgery More Comfortable and Efficient
Surgilube offers an ideal way to lubricate catheters, surgical instruments, endoscopes, gloves and other devices that will be used externally or internally. The substance is clear, and its film will not cloud instruments or disrupt readings. It is easy to apply and spread and adheres well. When the procedure is done, it washes off of instruments and skin easily.

Ensure Safer Surgical Procedures
In addition to make a procedure more comfortable, surgical lubricant can also prevent internal tearing when an instrument is inserted. Surgilube is nonirritating and safe for all body orifices. It doesn't stain and is safe to use on medical instruments, including ultrasound equipment and other tools with fragile sensors. Antimicrobial, bacteriostatic and sterile, it supports the maintenance of a safe and infection-free medical environment.

Consider Convenient Container Styles
Choose the most convenient container for the procedure at hand. Surgilube is available in a range of containers, including those with elongated tips, screw caps, flip tops and individual foil tops. All of these styles are designed to be convenient and clean, and some of them are designed to facilitate one-handed opening. Single-use Surgilube is excellent for bringing into nonsterile environments, such as EMS calls in the field, as well as for dispensing to patients as part of a follow-up care packet. This lubricant comes in a range of sizes, including 3-gram foil packs, 5-gram tubes and 4.25-ounce flip-top tubes.

What is Surgilube Made Of?
Surgilube is composed mainly of propylene glycol, propylene oxide, water and the antiseptic chlorhexidine gluconate, a bacteriostatic agent. It is latex-free and kosher, so you can feel confident that Surgilube is an appropriate choice when caring for any patient.

What Does Bacteriostatic Mean?
Surgilube is bacteriostatic, which means it can inhibit the growth and reproduction of bacteria. Bacteria can reproduce itself very rapidly in a clinical environment. Surgical lubricant can inhibit this growth and prevent the spread of contamination.

Where is Surgilube Used?
Surgilube can be found in all sorts of medical facilities, including emergency rooms, gynecological clinics and labor and delivery rooms. It's often used by urologists, gastroenterologists and proctologists, and it is important for catheter insertion and other procedures. In the non-medical setting, it may be used for lubrication purposes during tattoo or piercing procedures.

What are Important Features to Look for in Surgical Lubricant?
Surgical lubricants should contain nontoxic ingredients and should be nonirritating to the skin. The product should be safe to use on medical instruments without causing wear. It should be stable and contain substances that inhibit bacterial growth. A water-soluble lubricating jelly is ideal because it offers easy clean up.