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Sweat bands keep your head dry and cool while you work, so you can concentrate on your job instead of having to constantly wipe away perspiration. Manufacturers such as Allsafe, Anchor Brand, and MiraCool offer plenty of options for use inside helmets or work caps. Straps or snaps keep them from slipping or falling off.

Compatible with Headgear
Most sweat bands are designed to be compatible with different types of headgear. Simply snap the band into your safety helmet or strap it around your head before you put your hard hat on for full sweat protection.

Long-Lasting Action
Because they are extremely absorbent, sweat bands continue to soak up perspiration for hours. Enjoy all-day protection even when you are hard at work.

Sanitary and Safe
Each band is individually packaged, so you can rest assured that it is sanitary and safe. Buying a package of many sweat bands lets you stock up for when you need them.

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Add to cart Ergodyne® Chill-Its® Cooling Towels, Blue
Add to cart Fibre-Metal® SuperEight® Soft Cotton Jersey Absorbent Sweatband, For Hard Hats, Full Brim Hats
Add to cart Ergodyne® Chill-Its® Terry Sweatbands, Cotton, One Size, Gray
Add to cart MiraCool® Original Soft Disposable Sweatband, Rubber Band, Viscose Cellulose, Blue, Cowboy Red
Add to cart OccuNomix Snap-On Hard Hat Sweatband, Beige, 100/Pack
Add to cart North Safety Sweat Bands, Terry Cloth w/Velcro Close
Add to cart Anchor Brand Sweat Bands, Cowhide, 1/Pack
Add to cart Fibre-Metal® Terry Cloth Sweatband, Enhance Comfort
Add to cart Anchor Brand Sweat Bands, Leather Cowhide, 1/Pack
Add to cart Jackson 391 Terry Cloth Replacement Sweatband, For Head-Turner or SC-6 Safety Cap