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Disposable tableware and cutlery sets create a fast, efficient, and sanitary way of dispensing eating utensils. Popular brands like Gen®, Berkley Square, and Hoffmaster® offer a range of kits for catering all kinds of events, from family get-togethers to office picnics. If you eat on the go a lot, keep throwaway tableware and cutlery close at hand. Stock the office pantry or home kitchen with plenty of tableware, so everyone has what they need when it's time to eat.

Features of Disposable Tableware
The main benefit of using disposable plates and cutlery is the easy cleanup after an event. No need to spend time and effort washing large amounts of plates, bowls, cups, and metal utensils when you can toss everything in the trash or recycling bin. Disposable cutlery and tableware also offer a cost-effective approach to catering large events, whether for barbecues, birthdays, or business functions. The use of disposable plates and utensils, especially at larger functions, avoids the inconvenience and cost of needing to replace lost or broken plates, cups, and utensils.

Disposable Tableware Kits Are Convenient, Affordable and Versatile
Disposable cutlery kits contain forks, knives, and serving spoons, and in some cases napkins as well. Alternatively, six-piece cutlery kits also include salt and pepper sachets. In addition, some kits offer plates, disposable forks, and cups. Available in either medium or heavy-duty weights, both budget and premium styles allow users to select the right kit to fit users needs and finances, whether for business or individual use.

How Are Disposable Tableware Kits Packaged?
Kits come in either clear or printed pouches, with the cutlery and other tableware in various colors, allowing people to customize their utensils and tableware to specific events, such as wedding parties or work anniversary events. Kits are available in packs up to 250, making it easy to cater to any culinary requirements.

How Do You Benefit From Prepackaged Disposable Tableware?

The all-in-one packaging creates quick and easy food preparation and delivery methods for restaurants with takeout food orders. Workers easily pop a kit or two into takeaway bags or customers can grab their utensils on the way out the door. Because cutlery kits have wrapping, this ensures the utensils remain clean and sanitary. Not only is this ideal for public food service, where the cutlery is out on display for people to take themselves, but the same goes for office kitchens and break rooms. Keeping disposable plates and cups near the cutlery is perfect for providing guests with all their tableware at once, especially for self-service events like barbecues and buffets.

Is Disposable Tableware Recyclable?
Many plastic dinnerware and cutlery sets are recyclable, as long as they come from number 5 plastic. Be sure to check the packaging to ensure the items are number 5. If not, they are likely number 6 plastic, which many facilities do not accept, so contact your local recycling company on its policy with this type of plastic. If the disposable plates, cups, and bowls are 100 percent paper, then they can go in paper recycling, as long as they don't have grease or other food residue that may contaminate other paper recycling products. If they contain too many food remains, then drop them in the trash.
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