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Keeping different colors and types of thread on hand to handle all the different jobs that you do. Available in various styles, thread is suitable for upholstery jobs, sewing, quilting, and carpeting. Select the right type of thread for each of the jobs you do by hand or with a sewing machine.

Different Materials
Choose thread made from a material that works best with your project. While many sewers, quilters, and craft enthusiasts choose cotton, you can also select thread made from nylon or polyester that might work better for your projects and needs.

Easy and Convenient
Make quick work of any repair or sewing emergency with a kit that comes with everything you might need for the job. Kits come with thread in multiple colors, ranging from black and white to red and green, several needles, a tiny pair of scissors, and other tools for threading your needles and doing quick repair jobs.

All Types of Jobs
Stay on top of your list of sewing jobs with thread and other products designed for those jobs. Select thread suitable for use with a sewing machine or a simple needle, and opt for thread designed for quilting, embroidering, carpeting, or sewing. Use your thread with trim and embellishments to make the most of any project.

Ample Color Options
Thread comes in every color of the rainbow and beyond. Look for plain shades of cream, black, white, tan, and ivory when you want the thread to fade into the background, or look for bolder and brighter shades when you want to make a statement.

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