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Whether you craft for a hobby or run your own business, trim and embellishments are a must for sewn fabric projects or other crafted masterpieces. Trim materials such as lace, ribbons, and floral patterns add dimension to your projects. Don't forget to add a binding to your quilt or blanket.

Trims and Outlines
Create a dazzling perimeter for your project with numerous options in ribbons, piping cords, and rick racks. A lace trim provides a soft and appealing accent to pillows and blankets, or you can transform a flat scrapbook project into a textured, three-dimensional marvel. Straighten and define your hems with horsehair braids, available in a variety of styles and sizes. Choose a colorful rick rack to add a wavy finish your handcrafted clothing or curtains.

Bias Tape
Bind raw edges on quilts, on blankets, or anywhere loose threads need to be held together. Bias tapes come in a variety of widths and colors to expertly match your project. Quilters find bias tape valuable for both function and decoration, and bias tape makers allow you to create your own custom bias tape from any fabric you choose.

Bindings and Quilt Blocks
Add a complementary solid color on the underside of your quilt to provide a soft fabric that upholds the color scheme of your choice. For the other side of the quilt, choose from a selection of quilt blocks crafted in various themes for newborns, young children, or anyone with an appreciation for a handcrafted quilt. This selection allows you to find your desired match on both sides of the quilt to create a truly one of a kind piece.

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