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Insten Black Digital Stopwatch, 2.95"H x 2.44"W x 0.7"D (1905705)
Item #2117028
Model #1905705
  • Track your laps and split times with this essential workout stopwatch
  • Made of ABS plastic and comes in black
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Champion Sports Digital Stopwatches, Assorted Neon Colors, 6/Set (910NSET)
Item #2658894
Model #CHS910NSET
  • These water- and shock-resistant stopwatches are excellent for sports and other activities
  • Come in six assorted colors: neon pink, neon orange, neon yellow, neon green, neon blue, and neon purple
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REED SW700 Heat Stress Stopwatch
Item #2313635
Model #SW700
  • Measures temperature and humidity, calculates heat index and dew point
  • Stopwatch/chronograph mode with 1/100 second resolution
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Champion Sports Digital Timer, Black (DC100)
Item #824438
Model #CHUDC100
  • Clock your performance with this Champion Sports black dual jumbo display timer.
  • Count down the seconds of circuit training or other workouts with this Champion Sports dual jumbo display timer. A buzzer lets you know when the clock runs out, and two timers keep track of specific interval training challenges as well as your overall workout routine. This Champion Sports dual jumbo display timer mounts to your desk, table, or wall for flexible placement options.
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Stopwatches are important tools for measuring performance against time. They have evolved with new features and accuracy capabilities added. Stopwatches are also available on digital devices like mobile phones, but are quite elementary and not suitable for professional use. Stopwatch timers help professional athletes and coaches measure performance. They're suitable for home cooking as well. Browse the extensive selection of laboratory and scientific supplies at Staples to find the right gadget for you.

Uses of a stopwatch
A stopwatch compares the time between two events. It measures the time taken to run from one end of the field to another or measures the speed of two or several athletes. Use it to count down a workout or exercise activity to see how long it takes to complete actions. Utilize it in home cooking in place of a kitchen timer, ensuring you spend the right amount of time preparing a delicacy.

Key features to consider
When choosing a stopwatch, the purpose of the tool comes first. For a professional athlete, there is a need to get accurate times and recording periods as short as 1/1000th of a second. There may be a need to monitor several laps of several runners or swimmers. A clock stopwatch that shows more than "start" and "stop" is crucial. 

Some of the features may include water and shock resistance, the ability to save past times, and a clear display with a backlight. As a professional runner, it's important to measure the cumulative time taken for several laps to give a precise performance check. Even with home use, you may have a recipe that requires about 45 minutes to prepare, but within this time, you have mini time frames for specific stages. In that case, a stopwatch with advanced features becomes essential.

Can you monitor different activities at once?
Most clock stopwatches come with a split timer, which enables a coach or a trainer to have more than one athlete in one session and compare their timings. In the case of home baking, you can monitor two or more dishes, giving you greater control in your cooking.

Why do you need precision?
In most cases, events in the field boil down to fractions of a second. As a professional trainer, you don’t want to miss those small details because your stopwatch couldn’t capture that information. Milliseconds can determine the outcome of a race, which reflects the need to buy a quality device.

Do you need an alarm in a stopwatch?
When you set a countdown timer for an activity on the field, you need it to alert you when this time elapses. The alarm can start beeping 10 seconds to the stop time so that you can be alert. This can also happen in the kitchen as you wait to turn off the oven or need your dish to simmer.

What varieties exist?
Depending on the use you intend to have with the device, there are a variety of stopwatch timers from different manufacturers. You have a choice of different colours, functions, and styles to enable you to remain fashionable even as you achieve your professional goals.