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Tool Boxes, Sheds & Storage

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Tool boxes are ideal for carrying, organizing, and storing tools. The storage units go a long way in protecting equipment from outside elements such as moisture. Most tool boxes have slots for labeling and handling for easy carriage and movement. Removable drawers make for undemanding refilling and access. Check out the tool storage section at Staples for tool chests and boxes that best fit your needs.

Choose the ideal tool box for your workshop
Go for tool boxes that have a removable inner tray to organize small items, such as safety glasses and pencils. This ensures the items stay safe and are easily found among other tools in the box. Tool boxes with handles are easy to carry around, especially for activities that are outside your workstation. Plastic tool boxes with metal latches ensure better handling and are durable. Choose a rolling tool chest for transporting heavy materials. The chests with a superior exterior finish and quality paint have an appealing look.

Various types of tool boxes
The hand-carry tool box is common for people who use a few tools in their homes or workshops. They're available in different sizes, designs, and shapes. Hand-carry boxes are small and portable. Roll-around tool chests have an upright design and drawers for ample storage space while trolley-style tool boxes are lightweight and flexible for easy moving. The latter is ideal for major do-it-yourself projects at home or for carpenters and plumbers because they're easy to wheel around.

What materials make up tool boxes?
Tool chests have different materials used for their construction. Steel boxes provide durability and are easy to take care of. For recreational use, go for plastic tool boxes as they may be transparent. Plastic boxes are also affordable and lightweight, making them ideal for easy transportation and storage. They are noncorrosive and can withstand harsh weather conditions.

Plastic tool boxes are easy to clean using water and soap. Tool chests made of stainless steel are wear-resistant and strong, making them ideal for corrosive and dirty environments. Use stainless steel tool boxes in commercial and residential garages. Aluminum tool chests are long-lasting, light-weight, and resistant to corrosion. Use them in pickup truck beds. Other tool boxes include wood material, giving them an interesting look.

What are the features of tool boxes?
Tool boxes typically have one or several drawers for organizing and storing tools. Some boxes have rollers to allow for portability in work or home environments. Most tool boxes are secure and have a lock to ensure tools remain safe. Tool chests help shield the contents from the weather and have seals to provide maximum protection. Some boxes incorporate thick materials in their construction to accommodate heavy tools. Tool cabinets have wide tops that are firm and suitable for use as working areas.

What sizes of tool boxes are available?
Tool chests are available in both large and small sizes to fit different preferences. Small tool boxes are ideal for storing DIY tools, while large ones store heavy power and hand tools.