About this product

Everyone’s favorite for decades, Stinky Stickers® are fun to collect, or use to motivate and reward.

Scratch 'em and sniff 'em for a burst of fragrance! Everyone's favorite stickers, Stinky Stickers are fun to collect or use to motivate and reward. Designs include Colorful Smiles and Star Smiles in red, yellow, purple, orange, green, and blue. Designs may vary. Acid free, nontoxic, and safe for use on photos. Each pack includes 56 designs, 648 stickers, 4 scents.

  • Type of incentive: Stickers
  • Theme/design: Smiles & Stars
  • Suggested Grade: Pre-K-12
  • Product Size(s): 7/8" to 1" diameter
  • Pack of 648