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Sonigel Ultrasound Gel 5-Liter and 8-oz. Refill Bottle
Item #745493
Model #131202-1
  • Clear Gel Couplant for Therapeutic, Diagnostic Ultrasound and Muscle Stimulations
  • Non-Corrosive
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Polysonic® Ultrasound Lotion with Aloe Vera
Item #541733
Model #2028
  • Features superior coupling efficiency
  • One gallon bottle with dispenser
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Aquasonic Clear Ultrasound Gel
Out of Stock
Item #746565
Model #0350
  • Hypoallergenic, Bacteriostatic, Non-Irritating and Water Soluble
  • Contains no Formaldehyde
Stock ultrasound gel in your medical facility to efficiently transmit signals between the probe and the skin surface. Tubes and bottles with convenient dispenser tips let you control the flow of the gel. From fetal monitoring to cardiovascular assessment, ultrasound gel helps you get a great image.

Bulk Convenience
Bulk containers of ultrasound gel let you keep sufficient stock on hand at a facility that performs multiple sonograms each day, so you can schedule a full day's worth of appointments for fetal imaging, blood flow assessments, or ultrasound examinations of specific organs. Large tubs of gel let you scoop out as much as you need for each exam, making it easy to apply a thick layer that eliminates static and enhances ultrasound wave transmission.

Patient Comfort
Because ultrasound gel is designed to be water-soluble and non-greasy, it wipes clean after use and doesn't leave any residue that could cling to a patient's clothing. Ultrasound gels are latex-free to reduce concerns about allergies or sensitivities, and it is thick enough to prevent drips and spills as you're applying it. Heat the gel before use with an electric lotion warmer mounted to your wall to help keep patients comfortable during ultrasound procedures.

Home Treatment
Ultrasound kits, which include low-level ultrasound probes, ultrasound gels, and associated accessories, can be used at home to relieve minor aches and pains. Standard ultrasound gel can be used to replace the included gel once you've used it all, and convenient individual bottles and tubes of gel are easy to transport when you're using a portable ultrasound machine. Spread ultrasound gel on skin using medical exam gloves to prevent potential contamination.