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Union Tools® Lawn & Leaf Rake, 22 Tines, 48"
Item #852605
Model #760-64430
  • Blade size: 23 in width x 3 1/2 in height
  • Tine shape: Angled with coil spring brace
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UnionTools® Polypropylene Tine Lawn Leaf Rake, 30 in (W) x 1 3/4 in (H) Blade, 72 1/4 in (L)
Item #852553
Model #760-64169
  • Tine shape: Angled
  • Number of tines: 30
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UnionTools makes products that enable homeowners to prepare, plant and maintain gardens and landscapes, as well as to keep their walks, patios and driveways clean and groomed during all seasons. The company's wide range of products includes transfer, digging, specialty and snow shovels, garden and bedding hoes and forks, edgers and cultivators and post-hole diggers. UnionTools offers multiple types of rakes, including bow rakes, level rakes and leaf rakes.

UnionTools Rakes Offer Quality Construction
UnionTools rakes for garden and landscaping tasks have forged, tempered steel tine heads. The leaf rakes, which have fan-shaped tine heads, are made of high-quality steel, bamboo or polypropylene. They have a ribbed design that gives them rigidity and strength. These rakes have long fiberglass or hardwood handles and tine heads connected to the handles with ultra-secure steel ferrules. Most UnionTools rakes have cushioned grips to give you better control and reduce hand fatigue.

UnionTools Rakes Suit Many Garden Tasks
The rakes that UnionTools produces have different configurations for slightly different purposes. You can sometimes use the rakes interchangeably, but using them for their specific purpose is more efficient. UnionTools garden rakes, also called bow rakes, have a straight tine head with tapered, gently curving tines that point slightly inward for greater pulling power through tough soil and bedding and for breaking up tight clods of soil. UnionTools level rakes, also called landscape rakes, also have a straight tine head, but with shorter, thicker tines than the bow rake. The head is meant to be strong enough for leveling out landscape material, including gravel, sand and soil. UnionTools leaf rakes have a fan design, with tines anywhere from 20 to 30 inches in length.

Why Should You Use Union Tools Leaf Rakes?
Leaf blowers are electric or gas-powered handheld or backpack tools with motors that generate air velocity through a tube. The force of the air is enough to move piles of leaves, small yard debris and grass clippings. If you have a small property, a good alternative to leaf blowers is the leaf rake, because you can clean out leaves and yard debris much more quickly with a rake in tight spaces. Leaf blowers move piles over several feet at once, so leaf rakes are much more manageable.

Can You Use UnionTools Level Rakes and Garden Rakes Interchangeably?
Yes. Because the level and garden rake have the same type of tine head design, they are useful for similar applications. Still, having both a garden and level rake is preferable, particularly when you're preparing a perimeter landscape bed of gravel while also prepping a soil bed for a garden.

Does UnionTools Back Its Rakes Fully?
UnionTools has confidence in the strength and durability of its rakes. The company's garden rakes come with 5, 10 or 15-year warranties, depending on the size of the tine head and the type of handle it has. UnionTools level rakes come with 10-year warranties. The company's poly leaf rakes come with either 5- or 10-year warranties, while the steel-tine rakes come with 5-year warranties. These assurances of quality are among the best in the business.

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