About this product

Focus on intricate tasks with this V-Light full-spectrum clamp magnifying lamp.

Enhance your ability to do close-up work with this magnifying lamp. This magnifying lamp easily clamps to most tables, extending from 32 inches to 51 inches, letting you work with small parts in a variety of settings. The 22-watt full-spectrum light simulates natural sunlight, so the actual colors of what you're working with aren't distorted. This V-Light full-spectrum clamp magnifying lamp comes in a brushed-nickel finish and is easily portable.

  • Magnifier lamp is ideal for close-up and intense detail work
  • 1.75x magnification for seeing even tiny details
  • 22W fluorescent full-spectrum circline bulb included
  • Brushed-nickel finish
  • Adjusts from 32" to 51" to suit your needs
  • Mounting clamp connects to most tables for easy portability
  • Simulating natural sunlight, this full-spectrum lamp won't cause what you're working with to appear discolored and cause errors
This V-light magnifying lamp offers the ideal solution for viewing small objects or minute details with maximum clarity. Ideal for hobbyists, professional artisans and collectors, the magnifying lamp reduces eye strain and fatigue, making it easier and more comfortable to engage in precision work for extended time periods.

Combines Magnification and Illumination
With its 3-diopter magnification lens, this clamped magnifying lamp enlarges objects for enhanced visibility. Featuring an included 22-watt Circline full spectrum bulb, this nickel-finish magnifying lamp simulates natural light for viewing comfort. This magnifying lamp consumes 75 percent less energy than standard lamps, making it an eco-friendly choice. The light operates by means of a simple on/off switch for convenient use. Install this attractive lamp in a craft room as an essential tool for embroidery, sewing or jewelry-making projects, or place it in a garage to give you an up-close view of fine woodworking jobs.

Stylish Look and Adjustable Features
With its stylish nickel finish, this magnifying lamp makes a great addition to your home office decor. Use the mounting clamp to attach the lamp to almost any surface, and adjust the arm to your desired height and angle for optimal viewing.