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Improve the way your computer renders graphics using high-performance video capture devices. High-quality GeForce cards boost the resolution of both games and video on your system. This provides you with more realistic on-screen representations for both work and play.

Easy to Install
Choose internal video capture devices that slide right into the slot of your old graphics card. Selects models designed to work with your operating system, including Windows XP and up as well as Mac's OS X. These devices come with everything you need for a quick and simple installation, allowing you to do the work yourself or speed up the work of your IT department.

High-Performance Options
Select high-performance video capture devices that provide lightning-fast rendering speeds. Ample amounts of memory combined with high clock speeds and fast data-transfer rates ensure your video editing and graphic design software operate seamlessly. These high-performance graphics cards also provide clear HD playback on your device as well as boosting the realism of your favorite games.

Streaming Video Options
Stream high-definition movies and shows to multiple displays using video capture devices such as video encoders. Multiple ports allow a wide range of connectivity options, and ultra-fast data rates and multiple streaming formats further enhance the functionality of these devices.

Safe and Energy Efficient
Video capture devices make energy-efficient additions to your computer system, saving you money on power costs. This energy efficiency also allows these devices to operate on your system without overheating other computer components, reducing the risk to your equipment. Some of these devices even feature on-board fans to keep them cool while they smoothly render your graphics.

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