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Indulge in a comfortable shampoo treatment using a shampooer or hair rinser, or freshen up with convenient washbasins. Choose confidently from medical-grade options that are sturdily constructed and easily stored between uses.

Inflatable, Rectangular, or Round Options
Maximize comfort with a deluxe inflatable bed shampooer, or choose a washbasin with an attached spray nozzle for maximum convenience. Rectangular and round washbasins offer solutions for unique bedside washing needs, from simple sponge baths to luxurious spa treatments. Most washbasins are offered in sets of muted colors or white, both easy to maintain and coordinate with your bedside supplies. Large rectangular basins can also double as handy storage containers for medical supplies or personal belongings when not in use.

Hair Rinsers and Shampoo Basins
Enjoy a quick rinse or a luxurious, deep-conditioning shampoo with washbasins designed to facilitate hair maintenance. Styled as convenient trays with or without basins, hair rinsers fit perfectly on overbed tables to allow for a quick, refreshing wash between more intensive shampooing sessions. Inflatable shampoo basins offer maximum ease and comfort; simply fill the basin, and enjoy a thorough bedside shampoo. Some washbasins include spray nozzles, eliminating the need for an additional water basin.

Easy Cleaning and Storage
Constructed of durable vinyl and plastic, many of these washbasins are easy to clean and store. Inflatable shampoo basins and spas easily drain and fold, allowing for storage in the smallest of spaces, including under the bathroom sink or in the linen closet. A collection of round and rectangular plastic washbasins easily stack for efficient storage. Choose washbasins made of vinyl and plastic materials that can be cleaned with most medical-grade cleaners or bleach solutions, and washbasins with included tubing are easily dismantled for cleaning.

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