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With water hoses and accessories, you can ensure that your garden is irrigated thoroughly. A long hose allows easy access to all corners of your yard. Specialized nozzles allow you to grip your hose comfortably.

Our water hoses are made with durable, flexible materials and in lengths of 25, 50, and 100 feet. When you use them in tight spaces or bend them around corners, they will flex instead of breaking.

Comfortable Grip
With our water hoses and accessories from brands like Flexogen and Gilmour, you can enjoy a firm, comfortable grip. Our nozzles are made to fit easily into your hand, so you can control the flow with ease.

Powerful Spray
Our nozzles are designed to provide maximum spraying power, allowing you to cover a large surface area in a short period of time. Make the job easier with a pair of comfortable canvas gloves.

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Add to cart Aqua Joe Heavy-Duty Hose Nozzle (AJHN102)
Add to cart Sun Joe Ultimate High Pressure Flow Fireman's Nozzle (SJI-UFH)
Add to cart Teknor Apex 9844-75 3/4" x 75' Commercial Duty Pro Garden Hose
Add to cart Aqua Joe Fiberjacket Garden Hose (AJFJH50)
Add to cart Teknor Apex 887-6 5/8" X 6' Hose Reel Leader Garden Hose
Add to cart Gilmour 0124WC Hose Cap Washer Kit, 20 Count
Add to cart Aqua Joe 25 ft. Metal Hose (AJSGH25)
Add to cart Aqua Joe Quick Disconnect Nozzle (AJHN100-QC)
Add to cart Gilmour 12012050 Marine & Recreation Hose, 50'
Add to cart Gilmour® Solid Brass Large Full Size Straight Twist Nozzle, Rubber Grip Handle