Watering Equipment

Use watering equipment to irrigate your outdoor landscape to keep it lush and green. Use comprehensive irrigation systems to take care of large properties or simple hose-fed sprinklers for smaller spaces. Sprayers and watering cans are a great way to give potted plants the moisture they need.

Several types of outdoor watering equipment are available to give you just the right amount of coverage. Underground irrigation systems are ideal for larger spaces, and they're expandable so you can build a system that is just the right size for your space. Hose-fed sprinklers work well in smaller areas, but they're lightweight enough to move from place to place as needed. A simple water hose with an adjustable spray head easily takes care of flowerbeds, shrubs, and very small lawns.

Use watering cans to take care of your favorite potted plants. Large watering cans with sprinkler heads are ideal for outdoor planters, but a smaller can with a spout keeps drips and spills at bay when you're taking care of plants indoors. If you have many potted plants to take care of, choose a handheld sprayer with wand and nozzle to get the job done. Misters are a great way to give your potted plants just a little bit of moisture between watering.

If you live in an area where water conservation is an issue, do your part to conserve resources. Install a timer on hoses and sprinklers to limit the amount of water you use, or install a rain barrel in your yard so that you can use runoff rainwater instead of dipping into the public water supply.